The 20 Weirdest Drinks Consumed Around the World

Embark on a global journey through the fascinating and unconventional realm of beverages with our exploration of The 20 Weirdest Drinks Consumed Around the World. From peculiar concoctions deeply rooted in cultural traditions to unique fusions that challenge the boundaries of taste, this post unveils a diverse collection of beverages that stand out for their eccentric ingredients, preparation methods, and the distinct communities that have embraced them. Join us as we venture into the intriguing world of drinks that defy the ordinary, offering a taste of the extraordinary from every corner of the globe.

The List of the 20 Weirdest Global Drinks

1. Palm Wine

Prevalent in parts of Asia and Africa, palm wine, also known as toddy, is an alcoholic beverage crafted from the sap of diverse palm tree species. The sap is collected by making incisions in the palm tree’s flower, allowing it to drip into a container below. Various cultures employ distinct methods of preparation, resulting in varying alcohol levels across regions.

2. Salmon-Flavored Vodka

Distinctly Alaskan, this vodka infused with the essence of fish was introduced by Alaskan Distillery in 2010. The production of this beverage follows an unconventional method; the salmon undergoes smoking, skinning, and grinding before being placed in a sizable vat, where it is combined with concentrated ethanol. The outcome is a unique concoction, resembling a stew, which is subsequently refined and distilled to yield Salmon-flavored vodka.

3. Kumis

Primarily enjoyed in central Asia, Kumis is a traditional fermented milk beverage. Mare’s milk, rich in sugar, facilitates natural fermentation. While this drink is not typically known for its high alcohol content, it is frequently distilled to enhance its potency.

4. Snorkel Beer From Jester King Brewery

Hailing from the expansive state of Texas is Snorkel beer. It is crafted with alderwood smoked sea salt and oyster mushrooms. This brew is recognized for its distinct earthy and fungal undertones.

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5. Sourtoe Cocktail

As unappealing as its name suggests, this cocktail is a blend of classic whisky infused with the essence of a mummified toe. The tradition originated with the unearthing of a Canadian rum smuggler’s toe, giving rise to a unique drinking ritual to affirm one’s status as a “true Yukoner.” The sole rule accompanying the consumption of this cocktail is straightforward: “You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow, but the lips must touch the toe.”

6. Gau Jal

Gau Jal, a carbonated beverage, is a pretty unique soft drink; it is crafted from cow urine. Originating from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, a faction of Hindu paramilitary nationalists, this beverage aimed to replace the widely popular American Coca-Cola with a distinctly unique alternative. Unfortunately, it has not reached the Coca-Cola level of popularity as it was intended.

7. Ayahuasca

Known by various names, this elixir serves a singular purpose—spiritual medicine. Ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic concoction, functions as a therapeutic remedy and a natural analgesic for indigenous tribes in the Amazon.

8. Placenta 10,000

Introduced in Japan as recently as 2008, Placenta 10,000 is a health beverage crafted from pig placenta. This drink is developed based on the belief in the regenerative properties of placenta. Despite its reported peach flavor, be prepared for an experience that will undoubtedly linger in your memory!

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9. Pizza Beer

Hailing from Mama Mia! Pizza parlor in Illinois, Pizza beer emerges as a distinctive beverage featuring basil, oregano, tomato, and garlic. Rich in carbonation and boasting notes of dough and spices, Pizza beer delivers a lingering pizza flavor, complete with a garlic tomato aftertaste. Supposedly, it goes great with a slice of pizza.

10. Chicha

Known as corn beer or Chicha, this beverage holds historical significance among the Incan people. Initially consumed during ritual sacrifices and festivals, the drink is crafted by extracting sugar from corn, boiling it, and fermenting it in large containers over several days. Surprisingly akin to the production of conventional beer, this method lacks sophisticated equipment—with one notable distinction. The traditional approach involves chewing the corn and depositing the pulpy mixture into containers before the fermentation process begins.

11. Yak Tea Butter

Dating back to the 7th century, this beverage was initially recognized for its robustness as “Bulletproof Tea” and holds the distinction of being Tibet’s national drink. Yak Butter Tea, crafted from yak milk, serves a practical purpose for nomadic communities, offering warmth, energy, and heat during colder months. It is often regarded as a delicacy reserved for special occasions as it can be quite pricey at times.

12. Ranch Dressing Soda

Hailing from the United States, Lester’s Fixins soda has gained a reputation for introducing a variety of unconventional flavors to its beverage lineup, such as the distinctive ranch dressing soda. The inspiration for this soda stems from the founder’s deep affinity for ranch, yet consumer reception hasn’t matched the founder’s enthusiasm. Many report a peculiar aftertaste accompanied by unusual ranch aromas, making it a less-than-enthusiastically received drink.

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13. Habushu

Earning its spot on our list of unusual beverages, this traditional Okinawa rice liquor features a unique touch—a serene viper placed at the container’s base. The alcohol undergoes a preservation process, allowing ample time for the viper’s venom to dissolve before it is deemed fit for consumption.

14. Seagull Wine

Requiring minimal explanation for its inclusion on our list of the oddest beverages, this drink originates from Inuit tribes in the North Pole. The uncomplicated preparation involves placing a deceased seagull into a bottle of water, allowing it to heat and ferment under direct sunlight. This unique beverage isn’t available in typical grocery stores; its production and sale are exclusive to the Arctic Circle.

15. Yogurito

Yogurito, a distinctive Japanese beverage, is a yogurt-based liqueur crafted in Holland and packaged in France. Typically enjoyed neat or blended with citrus-based juices, this drink finds favor among health-conscious individuals with an active lifestyle.

16. Pulque

While we commonly employ agave as a sweetener substitute, in Mexico, it serves a different purpose—producing Pulque. Referred to as agave wine, Pulque is an alcoholic beverage crafted from the fermented sap of the maguey (agave) plant. This drink, conceived centuries ago in Mexico, held sacred significance and was exclusive to the upper class.

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17. Onion and Garlic Juice

While it might initially strike you as unusual, these juices are currently in vogue in South Korea. Garlic juice, derived from black garlic, is renowned for its elevated polyphenol content and the production of S-acetylcysteine, a sulfur-containing amino acid absent in fresh garlic. Despite its potentially unappealing appearance and taste, the beverage is touted for its health benefits.

18. Bird Nest Drink

Edible bird’s nests hold significant popularity in Chinese culture due to their perceived richness and deliciousness. Valued at $3,000 per pound, these nests are considered quite luxurious. Consequently, a 240 ml bottle of bird’s nest extract is priced at $52. Certain bird species utilize saliva to create a thick adhesive for their nests instead of using sticks. Traditional Chinese healers believe that when the nest is finely powdered, it can contribute to enhancing human immunity.

19. Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray

Emerging from the core of the Big Apple is a celery-infused soda within Dr. Brown’s beverage collection. The distinct flavor is extracted directly from celery seeds, gaining popularity in the 1930s among New York’s Jewish community and earning the affectionate nickname “Jewish Champagne.”

20. Kvass

A traditional Russian beverage enjoyed particularly in the summer, this drink is crafted from fermented black or rye bread. The resulting color of the drink is determined by the bread used. Despite its alcoholic fermentation, it’s not officially classified as an alcoholic beverage, typically containing only about 1% alcohol. Its inclusion on this list is due to its peculiar nature—an unusual bread-based drink that rivals the popularity of vodka in Russia.


As we conclude our expedition into the realm of peculiar beverages, it’s evident that the world of drinks extends far beyond the familiar and mundane. From garlic-infused elixirs to vodka with a hint of salmon, each entry on our list of The 20 Weirdest Drinks Consumed Around the World serves as a testament to the rich tapestry of global cultures and their unique approaches to quenching thirst. These beverages not only challenge our taste buds but also offer a glimpse into the diverse traditions, histories, and creativity that shape our global drinking culture. Cheers to the extraordinary, the unusual, and the wonderfully weird concoctions that make the world of beverages an endlessly captivating and surprising tapestry.

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