The 34 Best Trivia Apps to Play with Friends

Finding a good trivia app to play with your friends to pass the time can be kind of overwhelming; there are a ton of options in the app stores. Having played a ton of trivia apps with friends and family, I have practically played all the ones worth playing.

Rather than spending your time, downloading these apps, inviting friends, trying them, deleting, then moving on, check out this list of all the best trivia apps you can play with your friends from your mobile phone. These are ranked based on the number of reviews in the app stores, their app store ratings, ease of use, the caliber of questions, playability, and most importantly, the fun factor.

1. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack has been around for quite a bit now, but it is still what I consider to be the king. If you aren’t familiar, this trivia game app allows you to play against opponents, including your friends, in games of trivia to win points. The more games you win, the higher you will climb up the leaderboard.

Getting started is simple. Download the app and invite your friends or play against a random opponent. Once you are on the app you can get going in head-to-head games. It runs extremely well. The variety of challenges, categories, and depth of questions will keep things competitive, fun, and interesting.

2. Houseparty

HouseParty is a video chatting service, available for free on the app stores and it has trivia games built right in. To start playing trivia, you simply download the app and invite your friends to do the same. Invite them to your trivia game by selecting the game icon within the app’s interface. There is a nice selection of games to play and the trivia games are a lot of fun.

The video calling element adds a nice layer of social interaction within the games. Chatting during the trivia play makes things a lot more exciting. You will find yourself laughing and having a great time with friends and family. This is definitely not for a quiet night in, but you will have a blast playing.


PSYCH! is a trivia game created by the same people who created “Heads Up!” When you play “PSYCH!”, not only do you score points for answering questions correctly, but you also score points when other players choose a fake answer you created. In this game, you create fake answers to real questions. It becomes a lot of fun when you play with friends, especially with some of the trivia categories where you create your own questions about each other; it adds a lot of humor to the game.

If you are looking for a funny and exciting trivia app for a game night with friends, you should check out “PSYCH!” It works great for in home trivia, and for virtual trivia, add Zoom.

4. Trivia Crack 2

In Trivia Crack 2 you can play against your friends and family in trivia games to prove who is the best competitor. You will keep your mind moving while playing this game with new modes of play. You can level up by powering up, collecting new characters, and there are over 240 levels.

With 6 categories in the game, including Science, History, Art, Sports, and Entertainment, you have a variety for everyone. By joining a team or creating a team, you will climb rankings where you can win prizes. The graphics are awesome and the gameplay is straight forward and fun. Inviting your friends and family is a simple intuitive experience.

5. Song Pop

Song Pop is an award-winning trivia app for music lovers. It is an extremely addictive game. It has a huge number of genres included in the game, so you will not get bored. It is a quick and easy app to download and start playing with your friends and family. Play the game by guessing songs and artists before your friends. The more you play, the more songs you will unlock.

Questions include a number of categories that include Classic Rock, Hip-Hop, Classical, Indie, Latin, Pop, and more. The music is from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and so on. There is new music added every week so the game never goes stale. You can also see where artists are touring nearby as-well-as watch music videos, and share your favorite songs. Finding other players is simple and you can play against other players who share the love for the same genres as you.

6. Song Pop 2

Song Pop 2 is a name that song trivia game to play against family and friends with a huge library and variety in musical genres. Play musical quizzes against people from around the world. If you love music and enjoy trivia, this a great game for you to play.

With over 100,000 real music trivia clips from known artists and a nice variety of genres, this game will provide hours of fun for you and your friends. Just choose the correct song and artist before the other players to win. Play the game to win trophies and enhance your musical knowledge. There is a variety of game modes and multiplayer tournaments where you can win badges and show off your skills. Whether you play with a friend, family, or a new friend, music trivia lovers will love this game.

7. Kahoot!

Kahoot! is a quiz maker app. It allows you to make custom quizzes right from your phone, so you can make your own trivia games to play with friends and family. Select the type of user you are, choose who you will be playing with most, and start creating your own trivia game.

The app offers a lot of options for customizing your trivia quiz. Add your question from a variety of options, edit the game timer, and add images to make the questions more appealing. If you prefer, you can upgrade to the premium version for even more options that will really make your trivia quiz even more engaging and appealing to the players. Even though this app is targeted to educators, it provides an excellent platform to create your own trivia game and share it with friends and family for great games of trivia.

8. Jeopardy! World Tour

The Jeopardy! World Tour game is a new way to play Jeopardy! like the classic game show, you know, and love. It puts the experience right on your phone for you to enjoy with friends and family through the app. It is also a great way to boost your mind and improve your IQ. You can go head to head and play the game like you’re on TV.

The game includes TV host Alex Trebek. You travel the world and unlock countries to progress and compete in. The trivia contests and win streaks also help boost your ranking. Get power-ups to help you gain even more progress and get to the top of your competition. Include your friends and family in the game by squaring off against them in games. You will get going fast and have fun playing.

9. Trivia 360

Trivia 360 is an easy to play trivia quiz game, that is good for your brain. It is a lot of fun and a challenge for your IQ. Play the brain game in a variety of quizzes and puzzles. Question categories include geography, true/false, 4-answer, and more. Play the games by mode on the simple and easy to use apps.

Answer more correct questions and move on up on the leaderboard. Compete against friends and family to see who ranks the highest. Download the app and get started. It is straightforward to use and will help you kill some time when you are looking for a fun game of trivia that is good for your brain.

10. Guess The Movie: Icon Pop Quiz

Guess The Movie: Icon Pop Quiz, available only for IOS, tests your knowledge of movie trivia through a guess the movie game. You play the game by guessing a movie or celebrity to gain stars. The game gives you pictures for you to choose your answer. By collecting different stars, you compete against others to win. This is a good game for movie lovers. It also offers offline play if you would prefer to play by yourself.

This is a fun game to practice your love for movies. It is only available on IOS, but it is a good game if you have an apple phone.

11. Guess the Movie Quiz

Guess the Movie Quiz, available only on Google Play, is a movie, TV, and cartoon trivia app. You play by guessing the movie or actor. There are daily challenges every day where you can collect points and get hints for the game. The more you collect points, the higher you will climb the leaderboard. Play against friends and see who gets the highest.

This is a fun game to practice your love for movies. It is only available on Google Play, but it is a good game if you have an android or a compatible operating system on your phone.

12. Quiz Planet

Quiz Planet is a trivia quiz game app where you can compete against other players, including your friends. There is a very large amount of quiz questions with 19 categories, in a variety of themes. The more high scores you get, the quicker you will climb the leaderboard.

Play this game with friends to see who knows more. Quiz Planet has over ten thousand quiz questions with new questions coming in every day. Quiz categories include art, music, games, TV shows, literature, language, movies, celebrities, sports, science, history, animals, politics, food, and more.

13. Boggle With Friends

Bobble With Friends is the classic game you know and love that you can play with friends from your mobile phone. This is a new take on the game where you can challenge your family and friends to spell the correct words before the timer expires. This is a game that requires you to think fast against your opponents. Play head-to-head in live tournaments and earn rewards.

Download the app and have fun playing boggle againts your family and friends while you are on the go. This is a simple game and alot of fun to play from your phone.

14. Quiz Panic General Knowledge

Quiz Panic General Knowledge is a trivia game where you go head to head against other competitors in live-action quizzes. You can play 20 live rounds of general knowledge quizzes and copy other players, change your mind, and even if you get wrong answers, you can still go on to win the game.

There are multiple game modes and you can play with multiple players including your friends. With over 20,000 questions and 100 question categories, winning means collecting rewards and having fun. There are free games available every day. You will compete in trivia and have a great time using this mobile app.

15. Bible Trivia

Bible Trivia is a trivia game that uses information contained in the Bible. This game allows you to play and also study the Bible by testing your knowledge of the Book and its verses. It is a fun game and a good way to retain bible information. It is good for the whole family and you can compete and learn with your friends and family.

Over 100,000 people have played it and it is highly reviewed in both Google Play and the App Store. The game incorporates audio and takes questions from different parts of the Bible. It also helps you retain information by providing an explanation of where the answers come from.

16. Quizoid Offline Trivia

Quizoid tests you in their popular quiz show with new questions added regularly. There are over 7,000 quiz questions available to you offline at any time. There are three different game modes to add a nice variety in gameplay.

Question categories include general knowledge, sciences, arts, foods, history, oddities, and more. There is also a nice variety in the difficulty of the game to keep things fun. It will really test your general knowledge in a variety of topics.

17. Bunch Group Video Chat and Games

Bunch is a video chat app that has great games built right into the service; the trivia game is no exception. The app offers multiplayer gaming for your family and friends to enjoy together while video chatting. Getting started is quick, easy, and the games are solid.

If you are looking for some variety outside of trivia, the built-in games include Draw Party, Mars Dash, Fappy Lives, Bunch Pool, and more. You may not recognize the titles, but they are based on games you have definitely played or are familiar with. Video chatting adds that social element that allows you to chat with your friends while you play, which makes for a very fun time.

18. Popcorn Trivia

Popcorn Trivia tests your film knowledge against your friends by allowing you to host your own trivia-style game show. There is a nice variety of movie genres for you to compete in. You can climb the ranks by answering questions correctly and earning points. Points also help you earn bonuses as you answer questions.

There are new movies added weekly and questions are catered to true movie lovers. If you love cinema, you will Popcorn Trivia. Challenge your friends and family to a night in playing to win and climb the leaderboard in the app.

19. Trivia Crack Kingdoms

Trivia Crack Kingdoms is a trivia app you can compete in about your favorite topics. Categories include history, TV, sports, culture, and more. You not only play trivia, but you can create your own trivia using this app. Find any trivia topic you can think of with over 150,000 options to choose from.

To play the game you start with 9 boxes, where you will find challenges, questions, and unexpected surprises throughout the game. You can play with your friends on Facebook or even play against random opponents from throughout the world. You can also create trivia channels based on interest and open boxes to find new characters for new challenges in the game.

20. Knowledge Trainer: Trivia

Knowledge Trainer: Trivia is a quiz game for smart people, as it touts itself to be. Available on the Nintendo Switch and the app stores, there over 6,000 questions available to you in the game. This game has been played by over 7 million people to help enhance their general knowledge.

Each trivia round is played as a lesson that tests your intellect with ten questions in ten-question categories. There are levels of difficulty available to make the game easier or harder depending on your preference. You can even save games for up to 3 players.

21. WAVE

WAVE is a gaming app that offers video chat for you, friends, and family to enjoy together on your phones. The library of multiplayer games offers a nice variety if you get tired of trivia and want to mix things up. Memory Game, 4 in a Row, Never Have I Ever, Whac-A-Mole, and Drawing Quiz are just a few of the games you can play right away.

If you and your friends get tired of gaming, you can also hang out by group chatting, drawing, and watching videos. When you’re using the WAVE app you will feel like you’re close to your friends and for trivia, it is a great app to play together.

22. Know it or Blow it

Know It Or Blow It is an online trivia game where you can play players from around the world. You choose your category and answer questions to earn coins by winning games and competing in different cities around the world. Each game is 3 rounds with 5 questions in 3 different question categories.

Play Know It Or Blow It to test your intelligence and answer trivia questions in a variety of categories. You can play against friends or family around the world. The more you answer questions right and win, the higher you can climb the charts playing this game and win prizes.

23. DK Quiz

If you love challenging trivia quizzes you will enjoy DK Quiz. You can test your intelligence and play 100 questions for free. Challenge others and play games to climb the leaderboard and beat your competitors. Invite your friends and family to play the game and see if they outrank you.

A variety of topics include world, culture, entertainment, food, history, science, sports, and more. Challenge others to trivia quiz games or play by yourself for a night in or on the go. You can even create your own trivia quiz games challenges for others to play.

24. Sporcle Party

Sporcle Party is a trivia app where you can create, host, and play trivia games with your friends and family. There are dozens of topics to choose from. Select from geography, literature, sports, history, movie, and other trivia categories or make your own trivia packs. This is a great app to play trivia with friends or family in person and virtually.

Sporcle Party is a trivia party themed game app. You can even compete with people from around the world. Wager points, create packs or even share your packs with other players globally. There are thousands of questions for hours of trivia questions you can answer to compete with friends and family.

25. TrivNow

Trivnow is a trivia app that allows you to create trivia night games that you can enjoy with friends and family. If you are looking to hop right in on your own, you can join a random host and play their trivia game too.

Once you have the app on your phone, you can get create your own game to play pretty easily. You start by selecting 3 packs of questions by topic, configuring your question type, setting the timer, and adding point values for questions answered correctly. Once your game is set, text your family and friends the invite link to get started. Then, enjoy your trivia game.

26. 10 Seconds Live

10 Seconds Live is a head-to-head trivia quiz game that incorporates video chat right in the app. With thousands of trivia questions being updated weekly and a variety of categories, the game has excellent replay value. The question categories include, but are not limited to, general knowledge, geography, arts, science, popular culture, common sense, history, sports, great people, and famous actors.

Once you download the app, choose how to play, either against a random opponent, or invite your friends to join. There is a video mode that allows you to chat with your opponent during gameplay. The 10-second timer adds a high level of excitement and makes competing that much more fun.

27. Trivia Maker

TriviaMaker is a trivia maker app that allows you to play sample games in the free version. There are 3 game styles available: Grid style, List style, or Trivia style. Choose from a standard look or a theme. If you want even more options that allow you to customize your game even further, pick up the pro version.

The pro version lets you customize most of the elements in your game like the number of questions, categories, the number of rounds, and even adding images to questions for some nice visualizations. From there you can cast to an external screen through your phone. It basically makes you a trivia host! If you are looking to use an app for an in-person gaming experience, TriviaMaker has a lot of features that will make your trivia game special.

28. Quiz: Logo Game

Quiz Logo Game is a trivia game where you guess logos from companies all over the world. There are way more than you think. With over 2,625 global brands, and 86 levels, the game gets harder as you play, but not any less fun. Test how many brands you remember or know from the past or the present.

Quiz Logo Game allows you to also compete against your friends so you can get your friends and family to join the app and start collecting Google Play achievements. The better you do, the more points you will score and boost you up the rankings. This free app is a fun visual trivia game to play with constant updates.

29. Logo Game: Guess Brand Quiz

Logo Game: Guess Brand Quiz is a trivia app game where you guess the logo from thousands of logos from companies around the world. There are over 4,500 brand logos included in the game. Compete against your friends and family for the highest score. There are 140 packs, unique categories, and clues to help you along the way.

Earn rewards and improve your spot on the scoreboard to outplay your friends. You can even ask your Facebook friends for help with questions if you are unsure of the answer. Play the expert packs for an even greater challenge and a higher difficulty.

30. QuizTime

Quiz Time is an IOS trivia app game where you answer quiz questions and compete with players around the world. There is a variety of trivia including movies, music, sports, logos, animals, and more. The gameplay includes picture questions as well.

There is a free version and a diamond subscription where you can pay to remove ads and get extra coins to use in the game.

31. Quiz of Knowledge 2020

Quiz of Knowledge 2020 is a trivia quiz game with over 4,000 questions and varying difficulty levels for increased difficulty. There are 16 categories including sports, history, technology, geography, and more. Compete with friends for higher ranking on the leaderboard. The question timer keeps the game moving for more exciting gameplay. The faster you answer, the more points you earn.

Play the game and earn achievements. Compete against players from around the world. There are constant updates with new questions and question categories. You can even play offline if you want a more casual game.

32. Eureka Quiz Game

Eureka Quiz Game is a trivia app with lots of questions and frequent regular updates. There are 5,000 trivia questions and 5 difficulty levels. With 16 question categories including sports, theatre, history, religion, geography, arts, science, and more. Play the game to collect achievements and climb the world leaderboard rankings. You can even play offline.

Test your knowledge by playing Eureka Quiz Game and compare your score to the other players around the world. Select your 6 trivia category questions and swear 5 questions from each category. The faster you answer the questions correctly, the more points you get.

33. Logos Quiz – Guess the logos!

Logos Quiz Guess the Logos is a guess the logos from popular companies visual trivia app you can compete with your friends in. You earn coins by guessing the correct company name for the logo. Play the game for progressively harder experiences as you answer questions correctly. Use coins for hints.

With over 1000 brands in the game, it can be challenging to guess all the logos correctly. If you get stuck, you can ask your friends for help on Facebook and Twitter, or use coins to get hints and auto guess through the game. Unlock achievements to compete with your friends in this fun trivia app.

34. Quiz Time 2020: Ultimate Trivia

Quiz Time 2020: Ultimate Trivia tests your knowledge with challenging but fun multiple choice free trivia quiz games. There are over 35,000 questions on a variety of topics, with new ones being added regularly. There is plenty of free trivia to play for hours.

Play to improve your game stats and achieve high scores to compete against friends and family. This app will help you learn and sharpen your mind. Categories include economics, sports, history, art, geography, people, technology, and more.

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