The 15 Weirdest Licensed Video Games Ever Made

In the ever-expanding realm of video games, developers often venture into uncharted territories, exploring creative and sometimes downright bizarre concepts. This blog delves into the intriguing world of licensed video games, uncovering the 15 weirdest creations that have ever graced the gaming landscape. From unconventional adaptations of beloved franchises to games that defy all expectations, this list showcases the unique and eccentric titles that have left gamers scratching their heads while simultaneously captivating their imaginations. Join us on this journey through the weirdest corners of the gaming universe, where the boundaries of creativity are pushed to the limits and beyond.

The List of the 15 Weirdest Licensed Video Games Ever Made

1. Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit

Year: 1994
Platform: Super NES
Publisher: Absolute Entertainment

Embarking on the quest as Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, players endeavor to locate his misplaced tools while contending with a diverse array of adversaries, including zombies, dinosaurs, and robots. Fortunately, the game justifies these bizarre encounters by explaining that Tim is navigating through different sets on the Tool Time studio lot. Even in the midst of the numerous peculiar adaptations of popular series in the 90s, Home Improvement manages to stand out as one of the most peculiar.

2. LSD: Dream Emulator

Year: 1998
Platform: Playstation
Publisher: Asmik Ace Entertainment

The game LSD: Dream Emulator is exactly what it sounds like. As the player, you just explore your bizarre surroundings without any real objective. You can move and touch objects that will warp you to different settings, some of which can be terrifying. The more dreams you have, the more the experience changes over time.

3. Taco Bell: Tasty Temple Challenge

Year: 2000
Platform: PC
Publisher: Taco Bell

In this unconventional game, you navigate a temple infested with snakes and scorpions in the role of Baja Bill, armed solely with Taco Bell hot sauce packets found within its confines. Scattered ancient Chalupas serve as a means to replenish your health. Ultimately, your mission is to unearth the legendary “Grande Meal.” Undoubtedly, a peculiar and eccentric gaming experience.

4. Cap’n Crunch: Crunchling Adventure

Year: 1999
Platform: PC
Publisher: Quaker Oats

Given the absence of a genuine backstory for Cap’n Crunch, Crunchling Adventures embraces creative liberty. The game’s objective is to nurture Crunchlings by providing them with various Crunch Berries before guiding them through three challenges: one to enhance speed, another for jumping, and a third for strength. These efforts are geared towards preparing for an athletic showdown against the leader of the Crunchium Thieves, who aim to pilfer the crucial crunchium used in making Crunch Berries. Nevertheless, the game falls short of appreciation due to its repetitive nature.

5. Goat Simulator

Year: 2014
Platform: PC, Xbox & Playstation
Publisher: Coffee Stain Studios & Double Eleven Studios

The fundamental concept of this game revolves around assuming the role of a goat and engaging with various objects, resulting in complete chaos. Essentially, the game boils down to playing as a goat and engaging in whimsical activities within the game world. Points are earned by bouncing off objects and even taking flight. While Goat Simulator adheres to the gameplay style typical of many third-person games, its comedic and bizarre nature sets it apart, making it undeniably noteworthy.

6. Gotham City Imposters

Year: 2012
Platform: PC, Xbox & Playstation
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Gotham City Impostors immerses players in the Batman universe, yet it diverges from the conventional characters associated with Batman. Instead, it offers a first-person competitive shooter experience, casting players as convicts donned in questionable Batman or Joker cosplay. Despite the initially peculiar concept, the game proved to be enjoyable and preceded the surge of the “free-to-play” shooters prevalent today. It’s unfortunate that the game failed to gain widespread popularity because, aside from its exceptionally distinctive premise, it delivers a highly entertaining gaming experience.

7. X-Men: The Ravages of Apocalypse

Year: 1997
Platform: PC
Publisher: WizardWorks & MacSoft

Constructed with the original Quake Engine, players venture into the Xavier Mansion to discover the entire school besieged by cyborg renditions of iconic heroes, tasking you with dismantling them. The heroes exhibit impressive detailing for the period, effectively harnessing the diverse mutants’ abilities to provide various buffs and debuffs to your attacks. Despite this, players often find themselves navigating seemingly infinite, indistinguishable corridors, relentlessly obliterating the titular X-Men. Perhaps the oddest aspect? Marvel granted a license for this unconventional gaming experience.

8. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

Year: 1990
Platform: Arcade
Publisher: Sega

When it comes to iconic pop stars, Michael Jackson stands unparalleled. However, a video game featuring Michael using his renowned dance moves to combat enemies is undeniably peculiar. Primarily mirroring the events of the “Smooth Criminal” segment from Michael’s eponymous film, the arcade edition employed an isometric perspective, while home console versions transformed the game into a side-scrolling format. Across all iterations, Michael deploys his signature moves and music to rescue children from an evil conglomerate and Mr. Big. Notably, he possesses a special move that prompts all on-screen enemies to engage in a choreographed dance sequence.

9. Seaman

Year: 1999
Platform: Dreamcast & Playstation
Publisher: Sega

Seaman is a game where your primary goal is to ensure the survival of a rather unsettling man-fish creature. Daily check-ins in real-time are essential, as neglect can lead to its demise. The creature poses random inquiries, like asking for your birthday, and provides trivia based on your responses. Adding to the eccentricity, it occasionally hurls random insults your way. As Seaman evolves, so does the level of strangeness, creating a unique and progressively peculiar gaming experience.

10. The Ring: Terror’s Realm

Year: 2000
Platform: Dreamcast
Publisher: Infogrames North America

Derived from the original Japanese film and novel, The Ring: Terror’s Realm shares little resemblance with the well-known horror franchise, aside from its title on the packaging. Players are thrust into an alternate dimension to unravel the mystery behind a computer program named RING that is causing fatalities among CDC employees. In this peculiar game, players combat skinless monkeys, traverse unremarkable corridors, and engage in puzzle-solving in the real world. The appearance of the Ghost girl finally occurs towards the conclusion of this unusual gaming experience.

11. Chex Quest

Year: 1996
Platform: PC
Publisher: General Mills

Chex Quest took the gameplay and exploration elements from Doom and tailored them to be more “kid-friendly.” Tasked with halting the Flemoid invasion, the Chex Warrior employs various “zorchers” to send the alien species back to their home planet. Quickly gaining popularity, the game led to two sequels and received an HD remaster in 2008. It garnered numerous awards for its promotional and advertising endeavors. While the game may not have significantly boosted cereal sales, the legend of the Chex Warrior endures, standing proudly alongside Doom Guy even after all these years.

12. Shaq Fu

Year: 1994
Platform: Genesis & Super NES
Publisher: Electronic Arts

Within Shaq Fu, basketball icon Shaquille O’Neal employs Kung Fu techniques to confront martial arts masters from an alternate dimension. The one-on-one battles showcase detailed sprite work for Shaq and his adversaries, yet their swift movements often pose a challenge in landing deliberate hits. Despite the game receiving a somewhat tepid response, players found enjoyment in the absurdity of the concept. In 2018, a sequel titled Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn was introduced, continuing the unconventional narrative.

13. Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Year: 2001
Platform: Nintendo 64
Publisher: Rare

Centered around a squirrel named Conker, this game follows his quest to reunite with his girlfriend after a night of heavy drinking. In the realm he finds himself in, the ruler is missing a leg for one of his throne’s side tables, leading him to believe that a red squirrel’s leg would serve as the ideal replacement. Apart from the absurd premise featuring a profanity-laden, inebriated squirrel as the video game protagonist, the narrative is replete with eccentric characters and dialogues.

14. Burger King Trilogy

Year: 2006
Platform: Xbox
Publisher: King Games

Typically, obscure or eccentric games require years or even decades to attain “cult” status. However, Burger King’s trilogy, starring the iconic “Burger King” character, defied expectations by swiftly becoming a sought-after commodity, quickly selling out at almost every location. Each game in the trilogy embraced a distinct genre, ranging from stealthily surprising unsuspecting patrons with a sizzling meat sandwich to engaging in pocket bike racing and even participating in a destruction derby using bumper cars. Perhaps most astonishingly, these games turned out to be genuinely enjoyable experiences.

15. Pepsiman

Year: 1999
Platform: Playstation
Publisher: KID

Pepsiman has achieved legendary status not just for its quirky licensed video game, but also as an enduring mascot that continues to enjoy popularity in Japan to this day. In this game, the absence of a person donned in a full-body spandex suit showcasing Pepsi colors is not the most unconventional aspect. Adopting the endless runner style, Pepsiman navigates obstacles, pursuing and at times being pursued by Pepsi cans. Meanwhile, an American individual sipping on Pepsi provides words of encouragement between levels.


In the realm of licensed video games, where creativity meets the constraints of established franchises, the 15 titles highlighted in this exploration stand out as the epitome of weirdness and innovation. From battling cyborg versions of iconic heroes to navigating a temple armed only with Taco Bell hot sauce packets, these games have taken the concept of licensed gaming to unprecedented and often absurd heights. While some may have faded into obscurity, these peculiar creations remain a testament to the unpredictable and sometimes unconventional paths that developers can tread in their quest to merge popular culture with interactive entertainment.

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