375 Movie Trivia Questions and Answers in Every Genre

Movies are a major part of many people’s lives because of the feelings and thoughts they can generate, the escape they can provide, and the overall joy they bring into our lives. If you are like me, you truly love a good movie. If you are a movie fan, these 375 movie trivia questions and answers are for you. When I wrote these questions, I tried to include every single genre of movie in existence and focus on the films that are most broadly loved within each movie type category.

Since many films can cover a few different genres, there may be some overlap between question categories and the movies that are included in the questions. Irrespective of this, these 375 movie trivia questions, will provide you with hours of entertainment and a real challenge about the most significant and beloved movies from the last 100 years. Since there are an incredible amount of movies that have been created since the development of the motion picture, I chose to focus on movies that were the highest grossing in sales, the most appreciated by viewers, and the highest rated by critics (with a few exceptions since some very popular movies were panned by professional movie reviewers).

Please enjoy these 375 movie trivia questions below. They would work great for your next trivia night with friends, and just as effective for a challenging game to test yourself on your movie trivia knowledge. I hope you enjoy reading these trivia questions as much as I enjoyed researching and writing them.

375 Movie Trivia Questions


1. Which character does Alan Rickman play in the 1988 action film Die Hard?

Hans Gruber

2. What kind of puppy was John Wick’s last gift that he had received from his wife before she died in the 2014 action film?

A Beagle

3. Who played Annie Porter in the 1994 action film Speed?

Sandra Bullock

4. Who made his directorial debut in the 1995 action comedy film Bad Boys?

Michael Bay

5. Who was the author the 1980 novel The Bourne Identity, which was the basis of the 2002 action film of the same title?

Robert Ludlum

6. What year did the action film Lethal Weapon come out?


7. Which actor in the 2008 action film Taken says the following famous lines? “I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you’re looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money… but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career.

Liam Neeson

8. Who does Carl Weathers play in the 1987 action film Predator?


9. In the 1997 science fiction action film The Fifth Element, Bruce Willis plays the lead character Korben Dallas; what is Korben Dallas’s job?

Taxicab Driver

10. Which actor co-wrote the 1982 film First Blood?

Sylvester Stallone


11. Which pulp-era writer created the character Solomon Kane, which is also the title of a 2009 adventure film?

Robert E. Howard

12. What is the title of the first Indiana jones film, which premiered in 1981?

Raiders of the Lost Ark

13. Who played Captain Virgil Hilts in the 1963 adventure film The Great Escape?

Steve McQueen

14. Which British explorer’s life events is the 2016 film The Lost City of Z based on?

Percy Fawcett

15. Who was the author of the novel Life of Pi which is the basis for the 2001 adventure film of the same name?

Yann Martel

16. Who played the title character in the 1959 adventure film Ben Hur?

Charlton Heston

17. Which actor produced and starred in the 1984 adventure film Romancing the Stone?

Michael Douglas

18. In what year was the novel Journey to the Center of the Earth published, which spawned a number of movies of the same title?


19. Who did Orson Welles play in the 1956 adventure film Moby Dick?

Father Mapple


20. Whose life is the 2013 biographical film, The Wolf of Wall Street based on?

Jordan Belfort

21. Who directed the 2000 biographical film Erin Brockovich?

Steven Soderbergh

22. Who played Abraham Lincoln in the 2012 biographical film Lincoln?

Daniel Day Lewis

23. Which two 1990s films are based on the life of Henry Hill?

Goodfellas and My Blue Heaven

24. Whose life was the 2017 biographical film The Greatest Showman inspired by?

P. T. Barnum

25. Who wrote the 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton, which inspired a musical and 2020 biographical film titled Hamilton?

Ron Chernow

26. What is the name of the real life automotive designer in the 2019 film Ford v Ferrari played by Matt Damon?

Carroll Shelby

27. Who directed the 1980 biographical film Raging Bull?

Martin Scorsese

28. Who does actor Rami Malek play in the 2018 biographical film Bohemian Rhapsody?

Freddie Mercury

29. Which musician’s life is the 2019 biographical film Rocketman based on?

Elton John

30. Who directed the 2018 biographical film Vice?

Adam McKay

31. What is the name of the real life machine that the Nazis used to send coded messages during World War II, which was discussed in the biographical film The Imitation Game?


Children’s Film

32. Who produced the 1964 children’s film Mary Poppins?

Walt Disney

33. Which famous musician played the voice of King Louie in the 1967 children’s movie The Jungle Book?

Louis Prima

34. What character did Nathan Lane voice in the 1994 children’s film The Lion King?


35. Which novel was the basis for the 1961 children’s film One Hundred and One Dalmatians?

The Hundred and One Dalmatians

36. Which computer animation studio produced the 1995 children’s movie Toy Story?

Pixar Animation Studios

37. Willem Dafoe played the voice of Gill, who was what kind of fish in the children’s film Finding Nemo?

A Moorish Idol

38. Which comedian played the voice of Iago in the 1992 children’s film Aladdin?

Gilbert Gottfried

39. What is the title of the novel written by Austrian author Felix Salten, which would be the basis for the 1942 children’s movie Bambi?

Bambi, a life in the Woods

40. Which character in the 2001 children’s film Monsters Inc. was played by Steve Buscemi?

Randall Boggs

41. Who is the only actor that appears in the 2008 children’s film WALL-E as the only live action role?

Fred Willard

42. Which character does Ed Asner voice in the 2009 children’s movie Up?

Carl Fredricksen


43. What is the full title to the 1964 comedy film Dr. Strangelove?

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

44. Who was the director of the 1974 comedy Blazing Saddles?

Mel Brooks

45. What is the name of the band of knights encountered by King Arthur and his followers in the 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, whom they refuse to allow passage through their forest unless appeased through the gift of a shrubbery?

The Knights Who Say “Ni!” or the Knights of Ni

46. What was Steve Martin’s first starring role in a feature film?

The Jerk

47. Who does Leslie Nielsen play in the 1980 comedy film Airplane!?

Dr. Rumack

48. What job does Doralee Rhodes, played by Dolly Parton, have in the 1980s comedy 9 to 5?


49. Which two actors in the 1984 comedy Ghostbusters, wrote the film?

Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd

50. What is the name of the author of The Princess Bride who adapted the 1973 novel into a film of the same title?

William Goldman

51. Who originally created the story for the 1988 comedy film Coming to America?

Eddie Murphy

52. Which movie was Mike Myers film debut?

Wayne’s World

53. In the 1993 film Groundhog Day, what job did Bill Murray’s character Phil Connors have in the movie?

TV Weatherman

54. What are the stage names of the two actors who wrote the 1995 comedy Friday?

Ice Cube and DJ Pooh

55. What film was Adam McKay’s directorial debut?

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

56. Who played Dr. Frederick Frankenstein in the 1974 comedy film Young Frankenstein?

Gene Wilder

57. Which actor in the 2008 film Forgetting Sarah Marshall wrote the movie?

Jason Segel

58. Which other actress in the 2011 comedy movie Bridesmaids, helped Annie Mumolo write the script?

Kristen Wiig

Comedy Drama

59. Who directed the 2012 comedy drama Moonrise Kingdom?

Wes Andersen

60. Who wrote the 1962 novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, which later on became a film of the same title in 1975?

Ken Kesey

61. Who played the athlete Andrew Clark, in the 1985 film The Breakfast Club?

Emilio Estevez

62. In the 1988 film The Truman Show, in what fictional place does Truman Burbank, played by Jim Carey, live?

Seahaven Island

63. Who did Tom Guiry play in the 1993 film The Sandlot?

Scott Smalls

64. In what film does Meryl Streep play Miranda Priestly?

The Devil Wears Prada

65. The 1987 film Good Morning, Vietnam, was loosely based on the experiences of which AFRS radio DJ?

Adrian Cronauer

66. Who does Michael Cera play in the 2007 comedy drama Juno?

Paulie Bleeker

67. Who plays Katherine McKay in the 2011 film 50/50?

Anna Kendrick

68. Which producer of The Simpsons, also co-produced the 1996 film Jerry Maguire?

James L. Brooks

69. Which American vocal groups song inspired the title for 1991 film My Girl?

The Temptations

70. In the 1984 film Beverly Hills Cop, Axel Foley, played by Eddie Murphy, visits Beverly Hills from where?



71. Who directed the 1990 biographical crime film Goodfellas?

Martin Scorcese

72. The 2019 film The Irishman is based on what 2004 nonfiction book?

I Heard You Paint Houses

73. The 1995 film Heat is a remake of what 1989 TV movie?

L.A. Takedown

74. Who wrote the screenplay for the 1983 crime film Scarface?

Oliver Stone

75. Which film was the first that American entertainment company Miramax has ever fully financed?

Pulp Fiction

76. In the 1995 crime film Casino, what character does Robert De Niro play in the film?

Sam “Ace” Rothstein

77. The 2006 crime film The Departed is a remake of what 2002 Hong Kong film?

Infernal Affairs or Mou gaan dou

78. The 1993 crime film Carlito’s Way is based on two novels written by which author?

Edwin Torres

79. The 2007 film American Gangster is fictionally based on which criminal career?

Frank Lucas

80. Who directed The Godfather and The Godfather: Part II?

Francis Ford Coppola

81. Which actor played Fred Fenster in the 1995 crime film The Usual Suspects?

Benicio del Toro

82. Who directed the 2000 crime comedy Snatch?

Guy Ritchie

Dark Comedy

83. What does Patrick Bateman, played by Christian Bale, mention he has to return throughout the dark comedy film, American Psycho?


84. In the dark comedy Fight Club, what does Tyler Durden, played by Brad Pitt, do for a living?

Soap Salesman

85. In the 2008 dark comedy Burn After Reading, who plays CIA agent Osborne Cox?

John Malkovich

86. Who’s 1971 novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is the basis for the film of the same title?

Hunter S. Thompson

87. Who played “The Dude” in the 1998 film The Big Lebowski?

Jeff Bridges

88. Which of the Coen Brothers directed the 1987 dark comedy Raising Arizona?

Joel Coen

89. Which of Wes Anderson’s films is his highest grossing feature film to date?

The Grand Budapest Hotel

90. Who directed the 1996 dark comedy The Cable Guy?

Ben Stiller

91. Which actor in the 2007 dark comedy film Hot Fuzz, helped write the movie?

Simon Pegg

92. Who wrote and directed the 1999 film Office Space?

Mike Judge

93. Who were the directors of the dark comedy Fargo?

The Coen Brothers

94. Who played Hollywood super-agent Jeff Megall in the 2005 film Thank You For Smoking?

Rob Lowe

95. Who co-wrote the 2001 film The Royal Tenenbaums with Wes Andersen?

Owen Wilson

96. Who plays Heather Duke in the 1989 dark comedy Heathers?

Shannen Doherty


97. Who directed, wrote, and co-produced the 1997 romance disaster film Titanic?

James Cameron

98. Who is the author of the novel The Perfect Storm, which is the basis for the 2000 disaster film of the same title?

Sebastian Junger

99. What is the title of the GQ article that the 2017 disaster film Only the Brave is based on?

No Exit

100. Who played Stewart Graff in the 1974 disaster film Earthquake?

Carlton Heston

101. What devastating event took place in 79 A.D that was the basis for the 2014 disaster film Pompeii?

The Eruption of Mount Vesuvius

102. What novel is the 2004 disaster film The Day After Tomorrow based on?

The Coming Global Superstorm

103. Which actual daily U.K national tabloid newspaper is featured in the 1961 disaster film The Day the Earth Caught Fire?

The Daily Express

104. Who played Rachel Wando in the 1997 disaster film Dante’s Peak?

Linda Hamilton

105. Who served as the executive producer of the 1998 disaster film Deep Impact?

Steven Spielberg

106. Who is the author of the novel Inferno, which is the basis for the 2016 disaster film of the same name?

Dan Brown

107. Who was the director and producer for the 1998 disaster movie Armageddon?

Michael Bay


108. Which 2015 television documentary series tells the story of Steven Avery, a man who served 18 years in prison for the wrongful conviction of sexual assault and attempted murder?

Making a Murderer

109. What is the title of the 1998 IMAX documentary, narrated by Liam Neeson, that is about the struggles involved in climbing Mount Everest?


110. Which public service broadcaster produced the documentary television series Planet Earth?


111. What type of penguins are featured in the 2005 feature length documentary, March of the Penguins?

Emperor Penguins

112. What is the first and last name of the star and main subject of the 2018 biographical documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Fred Rogers

113. Who is the director of the 2004 documentary film Fahrenheit 9/11?

Michael Moore

114. What is the highest worldwide grossing documentary film of all time (as of 2020)?

Michael Jackson’s This Is It

115. Who’s the director and producer of the 2002 documentary comedy film Jackass the Movie?

Jeff Tremaine

116. What is the title of the 34 minute 1984 IMAX documentary, which covers the human history of the Grand Canyon area?

Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets

117. Who is the director, producer, and writer of the 2004 documentary film Super Size Me?

Morgan Spurlock

118. What was the first documentary ever released by Disneynature?



119. Which 1954 Academy Award winning film starring Marlon Brando is about union violence, corruption, extortion, and racketeering in New Jersey?

On the Waterfront

120. Which 1957 courtroom drama was based on a teleplay of the same name, and is the story of a jury of men as they deliberate the condition or acquittal of an 18 year old defendant?

12 Angry Men

121. Who plays Rick Blaine in the 1942 drama film Casablanca?

Humphrey Bogart

122. Who produced, directed, and starred in the 1941 drama Citizen Kane?

Orson Welles

123. What is the title of the Steven King novel that was the basis for the 1994 drama film The Shawshank Redemption?

Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption

124. Who is the author of the 1962 novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest which is the basis of the 1975 film of the same title?

Ken Kesey

125. Which 1962 drama was the film debut of Robert Duvall?

To Kill a Mockingbird

126. Which 1946 short story was the basis for the 1950 drama film All About Eve?

The Wisdom of Eve

127. Which actor in the 2004 ensemble crime drama Crash also served as a producer?

Don Cheadle

128. Who does Dustin Hoffman play in the 1988 drama film Rain Man?

Raymond “Ray” Babbitt


129. Who directed the 2000 epic film Gladiator?

Ridley Scott

130. Who played Spartacus in the 1960 film Spartacus?

Kirk Douglas

131. Who directed the The Lord of the Rings three movie film series?

Peter Jackson

132. Which 1925 silent epic adventure film was the basis for the 1959 epic remake Ben-Hur?

Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ

133. Who starred in and directed the 1995 epic film Braveheart?

Mel Gibson

134. Who wrote the 1936 novel Gone with the Wind which was the basis for the 1939 film of the same title?

Margaret Mitchell

135. Who starred in and directed the 1990 epic film Dances with Wolves?

Kevin Costner

136. Who played the title character and starred in the 1982 epic film Conan the Barbarian?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

137. Which historical battle is the fictionalized retelling portrayed in the epic film 300?

The Battle of Thermopylae

138. Which 1992 epic film is set during the 1757 French and Indian War and stars Daniel Day Lewis as Nathanial Poe?

The Last of the Mohicans


139. Which was the first film in Terry Gilliam’s “Trilogy of Imagination” series, followed by 1985s Brazil, and 1988s The Adventures of Baron Munchausen?

Time Bandits

140. Who directed The Hobbit film series?

Peter Jackson

141. Who authored the The Chronicles of Narnia novel series which was the basis for the film series of the same name?

C.S. Lewis

142. Who played Eva Ernst, the Grand High Witch in the 1990 film The Witches?

Anjelica Huston

143. Who directed the 1987 fantasy film The Princess Bride?

Rob Reiner

144. Who played Frodo Baggins the The Lord of the Rings film series?

Elijah Wood

145. Who directed the 2006 Spanish-Mexican fantasy film Pan’s Labyrinth?

Guillermo del Toro

146. Who is the author of the Harry Potter book series which spawned the fantasy film series?

J.K. Rowling

147. What is the 2010 fantasy film The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec loosely based on?

A Comic Book Series

148. Who plays the voice of Shere Khan in the 2016 fantasy film The Jungle Book?

Idris Elba

Found Footage

149. Which 1980 found footage film achieved notoriety due to its graphic violence and after its premiere in Italy, was seized by a local magistrate, and the director was arrested on obscenity charges?

Cannibal Holocaust

150. What is the title of the 2012 found footage film which follows three friends who gain popularity by throwing a party that quickly escalates out of their control?

Project X

151. Which 1999 found footage supernatural horror film was shot on an original budget of about $60,000 and went on to make close to $250 million dollars at the box office?

The Blaire Witch Project

152. Which found footage science fiction action film was the directorial debut of Neill Blomkamp?

District 9

153. Which 2007 found footage supernatural horror film was shot on an initial budget of $15,000 and went on to generate almost $200 million at the box office?

Paranormal Activity

154. Who played cameraman Hudson “Hud” Platt in the 2008 found footage monster film Cloverfield?

T. J. Miller

155. Who played Officer Brian Taylor in the 2012 found footage action thriller End of Watch?

Jake Gyllenhaal

Historical Drama

156. Who wrote the novel War and Peace which is the basis of the 1956 film of the same name?

Leo Tolstoy

157. What is the title of the novel which was the basis for the 1992 historical drama The Last of the Mohicans?

The Last of the Mohicans: A Narrative of 1757

158. The 2010 historical drama film The King’s Speech is based on which King’s struggles with his stammer?

King George VI

159. Who produced and directed the 1993 historical drama Schindler’s List?

Steven Spielberg

160. Which infantry regiment is the 1989 historical drama film Glory based on?

The 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment

161. Who played William Wallace in the 1995 film Braveheart?

Mel Gibson

162. Who plays Robert Todd Lincoln in the 2012 historical drama Lincoln?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

163. Who played Auda abu Tayi in the 1962 film Lawrence of Arabia?

Anthony Quinn

164. Who played Corporal Gabriel Martin in 2000 historical drama The Patriot?

Heath Ledger


165. What 1946 Christmas film is based on the 1943 short story booklet The Greatest Gift, and 1843 Charles Dickens novella A Christmas Carol?

It’s a Wonderful Life

166. Who was the singing voice of Jack Skellington as-well-as the musical composer for 1993 film The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Danny Elfman

167. What was the first TV special based on the Peanuts comic strip?

A Charlie Brown Christmas

168. Which song writer’s Christmas song was the basis for the 1946 animated television special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

Johnny Marks

169. Who played the voice of postman Jesper Johansson in the 2019 animated Christmas film Klaus?

Jason Schwartzman

170. Which 1983 Christmas film is based on Jean Shepherd’s semi-fictional anecdotes in his 1966 book In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash?

A Christmas Story

171. Who directed the 2003 Christmas film Elf?

Jon Favreau

172. Who played Bob Chipeska in the 2003 Christmas black comedy Bad Santa?

John Ritter

173. Who did Tim Allen play in the 1994 Christmas comedy The Santa Clause?

Scott Calvin

174. Who played Kate, Kevin’s mother in the 1990 film Home Alone?

Catherine O’Hara


175. Who directed the 1980 psychological horror film The Shining?

Stanley Kubrick

176. Who’s actual crimes inspired minor story details in the 1974 horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Ed Gein

177. Who directed the 1982 horror film The Thing?

John Carpenter

178. What was the first horror film to be nominated for the Academy Awards Best Picture?

The Exorcist

179. Which author’s novel was the 1976 film Carrie adopted from?

Stephen King

180. What famous antagonist did the 1974 horror film Halloween spawn an extensive film franchise about?

Michael Myers

181. Who directed the 1975 film Jaws?

Steven Spielberg

182. Who played Sidney Prescott in the 1996 horror film Scream?

Never Campbell

183. Who directed the 2017 horror film Get Out?

Jordan Peele

184. Who was the author of the novel Ring, which was the basis for the 2002 horror thriller The Ring?

Koji Suzuki

185. Who directed the 1984 horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street?

Wes Craven

186. As of of 2020, what is the highest grossing horror film of all time?

It (2017)


187. Which actor was paid the highest salary to be in the 1997 indie film, Good Will Hunting?

Robin Williams

188. Which 1997 indie British comedy about an unemployed steel worker forming an all male strip tease group was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture?

The Full Monty

189. Who was the star and writer of the 2002 independent romantic comedy My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

Nia Vardalos

190. Which novel was the basis for the 2008 India based independent film Slumdog Millionaire?

Q & A

191. In what country was the 2004 independent film The Passion of the Christ mostly filmed?


192. Who played Jim Cunningham in the 2001 indie movie Donnie Darko?

Patrick Swayze

193. Who did Steve Buscemi play in the 1992 indie film Reservoir Dogs?

Mr. Pink

194. Who wrote and directed the 2003 independent film Lost In Translation?

Sofia Coppola

195. What was the first film to introduce the characters Jay and Silent Bob?


196. Which 2004 indie comedy drama won the 77th Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay?


197. Who plays Sport, Iris’s pimp in the 1976 indie film Taxi Driver?

Harvey Keitel

198. Who directed the 1984 science fiction indie film The Terminator?

James Cameron

Martial Arts

199. Who composed the musical score for the 2003 martial arts film Kill Bill?


200. Which 1973 martial asserts movie was Bruce Lee’s final completed film appearance before his death?

Enter the Dragon

201. Who is the author of the novel Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon which inspired the 2000 film of the same title?

Wang Dulu

202. What Indonesian martial art is featured in the 2011 film The Raid?

Pencak Silat

203. Who was Ip Man’s most famous pupil, depicted at the end of the 2008 martial arts film Ip Man?

Bruce Lee

204. Who played Wong Fei-hung in the 1978 martial acres film Drunken Master?

Jackie Chan

205. Who played Huo Yuanjia in the 2006 martial arts film Fearless?

Jet Li

206. In what year did the romance martial arts film House of Flying Daggers come out?


207. Who plays Mr. Miyagi in the 1984 martial arts film The Karate Kid?

Pat Morita

208. What Thai martial art is featured in the 2011 film Ong Bak?

Muay Thai

209. Which martial arts comedy was the highest grossing foreign language film in the United States in 2005?

Kung Fu Hustle

210. What was the first Chinese language film to place number 1 at the American Box Office?



211. What 1984 mockumentary was Rob Reiner’s directorial debut?

This Is Spinal Tap

212. Which 2006 mockumentary comedy film did the government of Kazakhstan denounce?

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

213. Which actor in the 2000 mockumentary comedy Best in Show also co-wrote the film with Christopher guest?

Eugene Levy

214. What is the name of the fictitious TV show that Brüno, played by Sacha Baron Cohen, is fired from in the 2009 mockumentary film Brüno?

Funkytime with Brüno or Funkyzeit mit Brüno

215. What is the title of the 2010 mockumentary film starring Joaquin Phoenix, which is about Joaquin Phoenix pursuing a career in rap music?

I’m Still Here

216. Which American comedy trio released the soundtrack for the 2016 mockumentary film Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping?

The Lonely Island

217. Which hip hop group’s album title is the inspiration for the title of the 1993 mockumentary film Fear of a Black Hat?

Public Enemy

218. What 1999 mockumentary is Amy Adams film debut?

Drop Dead Gorgeous

219. Who does Fred Willard play in the 1996 mockumentary film Waiting for Guffman?

Ron Albertson

220. Who plays Gusto, the actual gangster, in the 1993 mockumentary comedy film CB4?

Charlie Murphy


221. Who directed the 1986 musical fantasy film Labyrinth?

Jim Henson

222. What 1939 musical fantasy film won the Academy Awards for Best Original Song and Best Original Score?

The Wizard of Oz

223. Who wrote the novel Les Misérables which was adapted into a 1980 French musical and into a 2012 musical film?

Victor Hugo

224. Where was 1964’s Mary Poppins filmed in its entirety?

Walt Disney Studios

225. Who plays Queen Narissa in the 2007 musical film Enchanted?

Susan Sarandon

226. Which novel was adapted in the 1971 musical film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

227. Which 1965 musical drama received the Academy Award for Best Picture and Best Director?

The Sound of Music

228. Who did Jeff Conaway play in the 1978 musical movie Grease?


229. What pop group’s songs are the basis for the theatre show and the 2008 musical film Mamma Mia!


230. Which 2001 movie was the first musical film in 10 years to be nominated for the Academy Awards Best Picture, since Beauty and the Beast?

Moulin Rouge!

231. Which comic strip was the basis for the broadway musical, as-well-as the 1982 and 2014 musical films Annie?

Little Orphan Annie


232. Who was the director of the 1999 psychological mystery film The Sixth Sense?

M. Night Shyamalan

233. What was the 1985 mystery film Clue based on?

A Board Game

234. Which actor played the Pikachu voice that only the character Tim could understand in the 2019 Detective Pikachu film?

Ryan Reynolds

235. Who was the author of the novel The Pelican Brief which became the basis for the 1993 mystery thriller film of the same title?

John Grisham

236. Who does Brad Pitt play in the 1995 mystery thriller film Seven?

David Mills

237. Who was the director of the 2010 neo-noir mystery film Shutter Island?

Martin Scorsese

238. Who plays Dr. John Watson in the 2009 action mystery film Sherlock Holmes?

Jude Law

239. Who directed the 2002 science fiction action mystery film Minority Report?

Steven Spielberg

240. What three films does the Eastrail 177 Trilogy refer to?

Unbreakable, Split, & Glass

241. Who wrote and directed the 2000 neo-noir mystery film Memento?

Christopher Nolan

242. Who wrote the novel which is the basis of, and the screenplay for, the 2014 mystery thriller Gone Girl?

Gillian Flynn

243. What 1996 mystery legal thriller was Edward Norton’s film debut?

Primal Fear


244. What 1971 British TV series character served as inspiration for the fashion worn by the main character in the Austin Powers film series?

Jason King

245. Who was the director, co-producer, and co-writer of 2004’s parody film, Team America: World Police?

Trey Parker

246. The 1991 comedy film Hot Shots! is primarily a parody of which 1986 action drama film?

Top Gun

247. Who played Jim in the 1974 satirical comedy Blazing Saddles?

Gene Wilder

248. What three films comprise the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy?

Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, & The World’s End

249. Who directed the 2008 satire comedy Tropic Thunder?

Ben Stiller

250. Which actor in the 1974 parody film Young Frankenstein co-wrote the screenplay with director Mel brooks?

Gene Wilder

251. Which film was the 1980 movie Airplane! primarily a parody of?

Zero Hour!

252. Who played Dark Helmet in the 1987 parody film Spaceballs?

Rick Moranis


253. Who was the author of the novel The Notebook which was the basis for the 2004 romance film of the same title?

Nicholas Sparks

254. What 1997 romance film is Theodore Witcher’s only directorial film to date?

Love Jones

255. During what war was the 1942 romance film Casablanca set in?

World War II

256. Who wrote the novel Pride and Prejudice which was the basis for the 1940 and 2005 films by the same title?

Jane Austen

257. What is title of the 2014 movie, based on the novel by John Green, which is about the two cancer stricken teens who meet at a support group and fall in love?

The Fault in Our Stars

258. Who does Audrey Hepburn play in the 1953 American romance film Roman Holiday?

Princess Ann

259. Which two recording artists performed the famous Dirty Dancing song, The Time of My Life, from 1987 romance films soundtrack?

Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes

260. Who played Tybalt Capulet in the 1996 romance tragedy Romeo + Juliet?

John Leguizamo

261. Who wrote the screenplay and also starred in the 1995 romance period drama Sense and Sensibility?

Emma Thompson

262. What 1998 romantic period film depicts the fictional love affair involving William Shakespeare and Viola de Lesseps, while Shakespeare was writing Romeo and Juliet?

Shakespeare in Love

Romantic Comedy

263. Who plays Doctor Julian Mercer in the 2003 romantic comedy Something’s Gotta Give?

Keanu Reeves

264. What character does Adam Sandler play in the 1998 romantic comedy The Wedding Singer?

Robbie Hart

265. Which 2011 romantic comedy film was Ryan Gosling nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Actor Motion Picture musical or Comedy?

Crazy, Stupid, Love

266. What 1987 romantic comedy film was the modern day retelling of the play Cyrano de Begerac?


267. The 2001 romantic comedy film Bridget Jones Diary is a reinterpretation of which Jane Austen novel?

Pride and Prejudice

268. Who played Harry Burns in the 1989 romantic comedy film When Harry Met Sally?

Billy Crystal

269. What 1989 teen romantic comedy was Cameron Crowe’s directorial debut?

Say Anything

270. Who directed the 1998 romantic comedy film There’s Something About Mary?

The Farrelly Brothers

271. Which band’s song title was the 1986 romantic teen comedy Pretty in Pink named after?

The Psychedelic Furs

272. Who played Becky in the 1993 romantic comedy Sleepless in Seattle?

Rosie O’ Donnell

273. Which 1995 romantic comedy is based on the Jane Austen novel Emma?


Science Fiction

274. Which 2015 post apocalyptic science fiction film won the most awards for the entire ceremony at the 88th Academy Award?

Mad Max: Fury Road

275. Who directed the 1982 science fiction film Blade Runner?

Ridley Scott

276. Which 1991 science fiction film was the first use of natural human motion for a computer-generated character and the first partially computer-generated main character?

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

277. What is the title of Arthur C. Clarke’s short story, which inspired the 1968 science fiction film 2001: A Space Odyssey?

The Sentinel

278. Which science fiction film was the highest grossing film of 1985?

Back to the Future

279. Which 1927 science fiction film is considered a pioneering science fiction film and one of the first feature length science fiction films ever created?


280. Who played the voice of Darth Vader in the 1977 science fiction epic Star Wars?

James Earl Jones

281. Who wrote and directed the 2010 science fiction film Inception?

Christopher Nolan

282. Who directed the 1979 science fiction film Alien?

Ridley Scott

283. What is Neo’s actual character name the 1999 science fiction film The Matrix?

Thomas A. Anderson

284. Who did Jeff Goldblum play in the 1996 science fiction action film Independence Day?

David Levinson

285. Who wrote the novel Jurassic Park which was the basis for the 1993 science fiction action film of the same title?

Michael Crichton

Spaghetti Western

286. Which 1966 spaghetti western is about three gunslingers competing to find a fortune in a buried cache of Confederate gold amid the American Civil War?

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

287. Which 1966 spaghetti western was Franco Nero’s breakthrough role, where he also played the title character?


288. Which 1968 film was Henry Fonda’s first role where he played a villain?

Once Upon a Time in the West

289. Which 1968 spaghetti western was a political allegory inspired by the deaths of Che Guevara and Malcolm X?

The Great Silence

290. What film was Clint Eastwood’s first feature film starring role?

A Fistful of Dollars

291. Who played Jonathan “Colorado” Corbett in the 1967 spaghetti western The Big Gundown?

Lee Van Cleef

292. What was the title of the second film in the spaghetti western Dollars Trilogy?

For a Few Dollars More

293. Who played Curly in the 1968 spaghetti western The Mercenary?

Jack Palance

294. Who did Klaus Kinski play in the 1966 spaghetti western A Bullet for the General?

El Santo

295. Who plays Jack Beauregard in the 1973 spaghetti western comedy My Name is Nobody?

Henry Fonda


296. Who wrote the 1976 sports drama Rocky?

Sylvester Stallone

297. Who plays Morris Buttermaker in the 1976 sports comedy The Bad News Bears?

Walter Matthau

298. What real life boxer did Robert De Niro portray in the 1980 film Raging Bull?

Jake LaMotta

299. Which 1980 golf movie stars Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield and Bill Murray?


300. Which 1988 sports film is based on the writer and director Ron Shelton’s experiences in minor league baseball?

Bull Durham

301. Who played Reggie Dunlop in the 1977 sports comedy film Slap Shot?

Paul Newman

302. What 1992 sports film is about a former college basketball player who makes his money by hustling streetballers who don’t think he can play well because he is white?

White Men Can’t Jump

303. Which 1966 surf film gave birth to the “surf-and-travel” culture?

The Endless Summer

304. Which 2008 sports drama revitalized the career of Mickey Rourke and earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor?

The Wrestler

305. What 2002 sports comedy is the highest grossing sports film about soccer?

Bend It Like Beckham

306. Who directed the 1999 sports drama Any Given Sunday?

Oliver Stone

307. Which 1993 sports movie was the first that was allowed to be shot at Notre Dame since the 1940 film Knute Rockne, All American?


308. What 2000 biographical sports film is based on the true story of coach Herman Boone?

Remember the Titans


309. Who played “M” in the 2012 spy film Skyfall?

Judi Dench

310. Which was the first James Bond film to star Daniel Craig?

Casino Royale

311. Who played James Bond in the 1995 GoldenEye film?

Pierce Brosnan

312. Who produced the 1996 film Mission: Impossible with Paula Wagner?

Tom Cruise

313. Who plays Fiedler in the 1998 film Enemy of the State?

Jack Black

314. Which 2012 film was adapted into a screenplay from the book The Master of Disguise, and the 2007 Wired article, The Great Escape: How the CIA Used a Fake Sci-Fi Flick to Rescue Americans from Tehran?


315. What ailment is Matt Damon’s character, Jason Bourne, suffering from in the 2001 film The Bourne Identity?

Psychogenic Amnesia

316. Who played James Bond in the 1963 spy film From Russia With Love?

Sean Connery

317. Who produced, wrote, and directed the 2001 family spy film Spy Kids?

Robert Rodriguez

318. Who directed the 2015 spy film The Man from U.N.C.L.E.?

Guy Ritchie

319. Who wrote the novel Three Days of the Condor which was the basis for the 1975 movie of the same title?

James Grady


320. Who directed the 2000 superhero thriller Unbreakable?

M. Night Shyamalan

321. Which 2018 superhero film is the highest grossing film by a black director as of 2020?

Black Panther

322. Who plays the voice of Rocket Raccoon in the 2019 film Avengers: Endgame?

Bradley Cooper

323. Who produced, directed, and co-wrote the 2008 superhero film The Dark Knight?

Christopher Nolan

324. Who directed the 2008 super hero film Iron Man?

Jan Favreau

325. Who played Lex Luthor in the 1978 superhero film Superman?

Gene Hackman

326. What was the first theatrical film to feature Wonder Woman?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

327. In the 2011 superhero film Thor, what is the name of Thor’s hammer?


328. What comic series character served as the basis for the 2017 superhero film Logan?

Old Man Logan

329. Who plays the voice of Groot in the 2014 superhero film Guardians of the Galaxy?

Vin Diesel

330. Who plays Big Daddy in the 2010 black comedy superhero movie Kick-Ass?

Nicolas Cage

331. Who directed the 1989 superhero movie Batman?

Tim Burton


332. Who directed the 1974 thriller Chinatown?

Roman Polanski

333. Which 1991 psychological thriller won Academy Awards in all the top five categories, which include Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

The Silence of the Lambs

334. Who played Inspector Dave Toschi in the 2007 historical mystery thriller Zodiac?

Mark Ruffalo

335. Which 1993 action thriller film won Tommy Lee Jones the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor?

The Fugitive

336. What 1976 film are these famous lines from? “You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? Then who the hell else are you talkin’ to? You talkin’ to me? Well I’m the only one here.”

Taxi Driver

337. Who played the Police Captain in the 1995 crime thriller film Se7en?

R. Lee Ermey

338. Who was the author of the 1959 novel The Manchurian Candidate which was the basis for the 1962 and 2004 films of the same title?

Richard Condon

339. What is the name of the four book series that includes the basis novel for the 1997 film L.A. Confidential?

The L.A. Quartet

340. What time magazine article was the basis for the 1975 film Dog Day Afternoon?

“The Boys in the Bank”

341. In the 1995 mystery thriller The Usual Suspects, which actor ends up being Keyser Söze in a surprise twist ending?

Kevin Spacey


342. Who directed the 1998 epic war film Saving Private Ryan?

Steven Spielberg

343. Who played Bridget Von Hammersmark in the 2009 war film Inglourious Bastards?

Diane Kruger

344. Which 1963 war film is based on the real firsthand account of the mass escape by British Commonwealth prisoners of war from a German POW camp in Nazi Germany?

The Great Escape

345. Who directed the 1986 war film Platoon?

Oliver Stone

346. Who played SSG Matt Eversmann in the 2001 war film Black Hawk Down?

Josh Hartnett

347. Which novel is the 1993 war film Gettysburg adapted from?

The Killer Angels

348. What 2009 war thriller won six Academy Awards?

The Hurt Locker

349. Who directed the 1979 war film Apocalypse Now?

Francis Ford Coppola

350. Which war film was the highest grossing film of 1957?

The Bridge on the River Kwai

351. Who directed the 1987 war film Full Metal Jacket?

Stanley Kubrick

352. Who played Corporal Nikanor “Nick” Chevotarevich in the 1978 war film The Deer Hunter?

Christopher Walken


353. Whose real life experiences are the basis for the 2015 Western film The Revenant?

Hugh Glass

354. Which 1993 Western films famous quote is “I’m your huckleberry”?


355. Who played U.S. Marshal, Reuben J. “Rooster” Cogburn in the 1969 Western film True Grit?

John Wayne

356. The 1956 film The Searchers is based on what 19th century American conflicts?

The Texas-Indian Wars

357. Who wrote the novel The Treasure of the Sierra Madre which was adapted into the 1948 film of the same title?

B. Traven

358. What novel is the 1966 Western film El Dorado loosely based on?

The Stars in Their Courses

359. Who played Vienna in the 1954 Western film Johnny Guitar?

Joan Crawford

360. Who played Spencer “Big Daddy” Bennett in the 2012 Western Django Unchained?

Don Johnson

361. Which two Hollywood icons starred in the 1969 Western film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?

Paul Newman and Robert Redford

362. Who played Bernardo O’Reilly in the 1960 Western film The Magnificent Seven?

Charles Bronson


363. What was the second film in George A. Romero’s six zombie film horror series?

Dawn of the Dead

364. What novel provided the primary influence for the 1968 zombie film Night of the Living Dead?

I Am Legend

365. Which 2009 Zombie film was the theatrical directorial debut of Ruben Fleischer?


366. Who played Jim, the bicycle courier, in the 2002 zombie film 28 Days Later?

Cillian Murphy

367. Which 1985 zombie film introduced the popular concept of zombies eating brains versus human flesh?

The Return of the Living Dead

368. Who was the author of the novel that provided the basis for the 2013 zombie film of the same title, World War Z?

Max Brooks

369. What is the title of the sequel to the 2002 zombie film 28 Days Later?

28 Weeks Later

370. Which 2002 zombie film is loosely based on a Japanese Playstation video game?

Resident Evil

371. What was the third film in George A. Romero’s six zombie film horror series?

Day of the Dead

372. Which 2007 zombie found footage film was remade in the United States under the title Quarantine?


373. What is the title to the sequels of the 2009 Zombie film Zombieland?

Zombieland: Double Tap

374. Who played Gunner in the 2016 zombie horror film Pandemic?

Mekhi Phifer

375. Who played Jake in the 2008 horror film Quarantine?

Jay Hernandez

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