25 Online Trivia Night Websites, Apps, and Games

You can play trivia night online in a variety of ways. There are sites that let you play against friends and random opponents, hosting apps, Twitch streams, virtual games, and game apps. If you enjoy trivia, you really can find a way to play that suits you best. There is a lot of variety available.

If you are looking for the best of what trivia has to offer online, you can use this list as a resource and save time. There is plenty to search on, and new stuff coming out all the time, but I’ve put in the hours to figure out what is worth your time, meaning, what is really the best and the most fun you will have playing online trivia.

Virtual Trivia

Virtual trivia is trivia that plays online through a site or through an app. Usually also incorporating a video chat tool like zoom, and a trivia host, you can participate along with the game within their established rules. This has become very popular as of recently.

1. OpinioNation

Sporcle OpinioNation is a survey-based game where members of opposing teams try and guess the most popular survey question responses. In this game, you don’t have to know all the answers, you just have to be good at guessing other people’s responses.

Play multiple rounds of the game. Earn points based on response ranking and earn more with bonus questions. As the game progresses, we careful with responses when they can take your points away for incorrect answers.

2. Stump Trivia Quiz

Stump Trivia Quiz is a trivia game where you wager on question answers, playing multiple rounds. At the start of each round, you will know your question category, then you can wager points based on how confident you are in the team’s response.

With each round, there are new questions types too. These include bonus rounds, picture rounds, halftime, and final questions. The quicker you answer, the more points you can earn with correct responses. Wager the most points for the final question and be the winner.

3. Sporcle Virtual Live Trivia

Sporcle Virtual Live is pub-style trivia you can play virtually using video chat tools like Zoom to play trivia and answer questions. These are live games you can join with teams, so invite your family and friends.

This is game show style trivia and the virtual chat tools includes breakout rooms to discuss your answer as you progress. This adds a nice social element to the game and make playing a lot of fun. Answer the host’s questions with your teammates and play together to win.

4. Trivia Mafia Virtual Trivia

Trivia Mafia Virtual Trivia is a calendar of zoom trivia events you participate in. These organized games are unique so the rules and ways to play may vary.

If you are looking to play online trivia, you should check out the Trivia Mafia Virtual trivia calendar. There are a lot of games going on weekly.

5. Geeks Who Drink Virtual Team-Based Trivia

Geeks Who Drink Virtual Team-Based Trivia has a calendar for their weekly trivia games. Enter them to participate in trivia and win prizes. There are consistent games going on weekly.

Invite your friends and create a team to play with. The more people you bring to the game, the more fun you will have playing.

Trivia Apps

Trivia apps are fun ways to pass the time playing trivia against friends or random opponents. Playability, along with good games mechanics, and an enticing ranking system draw trivia players to specific apps that are easy to play against opponents and moving up the leaderboards.

6. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack has been the best trivia game for quite some time. It is simple to start and play against friends and random opponents in fun trivia games. The ranking system makes the game fun to play. Invite your friend or let the game choose your opponent. The game gets going easily and it is a lot of fun to play.

7. Trivia Crack 2

Trivia Crack 2 offers new modes of play different from the first game. You can now level up by powering up, collect new characters, and play through new levels. There are 6 question categories in the game including Science, History, Art, Sports, and Entertainment.

8. Song Pop

Song Pop is a trivia game for music lovers. The game offers a large variety of musical genres. Guess the songs and artists before your opponent. The more games you play, the more songs you will unlock. Question categories include Classic Rock, Hip-Hop, Classical, Indie, Latin, Pop, and more. The music is from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and on.

9. Song Pop 2

Song Pop 2 comes with a nice variety of musical genres and a large library of music. This is a musical quiz game where you can play against people from around the world. This is a great game for people who enjoy music and also enjoy trivia. There are over 100,000 real music trivia clips in the game from artists and songs you know.

10. Trivia 360

Trivia 360 is a trivia quiz game with a lot of fun challenges for your IQ, which is good for your brain. There is a nice variety of puzzles and quizzes for your trivia gaming. Question types are also varied including true/false, 4-answer, and more. Play using different modes of play. Climb the leaderboard by winning.

Video Trivia Chat

Video Trivia has also become popular more recently. Video trivia offers video chatting and incorporates trivia right into the service. It is in my opinion, the most fun way to play trivia with friends from home.

11. Houseparty

Houseparty is a free video chatting app. It also has trivia games built right into the service. The game is a lot of fun to play and very simple to get started. Once you all have the app, you touch the game icon and invite your friends to a game of trivia. It is quick and easy. The game is also a lot of fun. You can video chat during the game which provides a lot of laughs and a good time.

12. Bunch Group Video Chat & Games

Bunch is a video chat app that includes multiplayer games right in the service. You and your friends can get the app and start playing trivia while you video chat. You can also play Draw Party, Mars Dash, Fappy Lives, Bunch Pool, Trivia, and more. It works well and is a lot of fun.

13. WAVE

WAVE is a video chat app that also has games built into it to play with your friends. You can play trivia and there is also Memory Game, 4 in a Row, Never Have I Ever, Whac-A-Mole, Drawing Quiz, and more. If you get tired of playing trivia, you can also chat, hangout, and watch videos together.

14. 10 Seconds Live

10 Seconds Live is a video quiz game that puts you in ten-second head to head video chat trivia game challenges. Question categories include general knowledge, geography, arts, science, popular culture, common sense, history, sports, great people, famous actors, and more. There are thousands of questions and new arriving weekly. Play in video mode to video chat against your opponent while you play.

Trivia Sites

Trivia sites help you play trivia online. From leagues to trivia generators, there are a lot of trivia sites you can use to play trivia yourself or with friends.

15. Learned League

Learned League is an invite-only online trivia league with exclusive contests and games. In order to play, you must be invited by a current, good standing member, for a rookie year. There is 25 head to head games in a season, Advance up the rankings with wins. Play defensively in the game through the point assignment system. This allows you to allocate points based on what you believe your opponent is least likely to answer correctly.

16. Random Trivia Generator

Random Trivia Generator is a trivia website that allows you to generate random trivia by category on the site. There are over 17,000 questions in six popular categories including Arts & Literature, Geography, Entertainment, History, Science & Nature, and General Knowledge. Generate seemingly infinite trivia by scrolling through the site, play by yourself, use it to play with friends, or use it to generate questions for a virtual trivia game where you host using a video chat service.

17. Sporcle

Sporcle has a ton of trivia quizzes and options to play in. You can create quizzes, participate in virtual games, join their community, play live trivia, and even play in multiplayer games. Sporcle quizzes are high quality and the site offers a lot of different ways to play trivia games. You can play with friends or make new friends using the site.

18. Trivia Plaza

Trivia Plaza offers a lot of quiz categories to play trivia games. It is a great resource for trivia questions and playing trivia. There are a ton of quiz categories available including music, movies, geography, science, history, TV, and more. To start playing, just head on over to the site and use it to play by yourself or play a game with others.

19. Fun Trivia

Fun Trivia is a trivia website that offers a lot of features. Play daily trivia quizzes, chat in different trivia boards, create tournaments, and more. There are a lot of different games going on and different types of games, Create your own games and have others participate.

Trivia Hosting

Sometimes when you want to play trivia with friends, you want to create your own game, with your own questions, and host the game yourself. The best way to do this is by using a trivia hosting tool so can customize the game for own trivia games.

20. Sporcle Party

Sporcle Party is a trivia app that lets you create, host and, play virtual trivia games with your friends and family. As the host, you create the game and then give out a code so that other players can join. Choose from free packs when you create games or pay for different packs in the app.

21. Trivnow

Trivnow is an app that lets you create trivia games for trivia night. Either download the app and play a random host game or create your own game and invite your friends to play it. Choose 3 packs of questions by topics, configure your question type, the time, and points. Then create your game and invite your friends to play.

22. Kahoot!

Kahoot! lets you create your own trivia games using the quiz creator in the app. Select the type of user you are, who you will play the game the most with, create your quiz with options, customize, and add game details. Add questions and their types, then edit the timer and add images if you want. Paid users can add up to 200 players per game and have even more quiz options.

23. Quizziz

Quizizz is an app that lets you create quizzes which are prefect for making trivia games you can play with friends. Choose how you are going to use the app, and then create a quiz with custom options including creating questions, the number of questions, the type of questions, and customizing your game. Once your game is created, invite your friends to a challenge from the app.

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