225 Christmas Trivia Questions: History, Foods, Music & More

The Christmas holiday is celebrated around the world, with a variety of customs and traditions varying by culture. The following 225 Christmas trivia questions and answers cover many aspects of the Christmas holiday. This includes the history, foods, music, local traditions, international customs, decorations, movies, and more.

If you love the Christmas holiday, then you will surely appreciate this 225 Christmas trivia questions and answers. They include so many aspects of the holiday, that even the most avid Christmas fans will likely learn a thing or two about this awesome day. Read on and challenge yourself, or use these questions to create a fun game for family and friends during the holiday!


225 Christmas Trivia Questions & Answers
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Read 225 Christmas Trivia Questions & Answers

The following 225 Christmas trivia questions cover the history, traditions, customs, foods, music, movies, and controversies of the Christmas holiday. These questions are a fun time to share with family and friends after your Christmas meal. Use them for your Christmas trivia game and see who knows the most about this festive holiday!

Christmas Traditions Trivia

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Christmas is a holiday celebrated around the world, with many cultures celebrating on December 25th yearly. The holiday is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, and is marked by traditions such as exchanging gifts, decorating Christmas trees, sending Christmas cards, attending church services, and having festive meals with family and friends. Other popular Christmas activities include making gingerbread houses, singing carols, and gathering around the Christmas tree to share presents. Christmas is also a time of giving, with many people donating to charities and volunteering their time in their communities.

For trivia questions and answers about Christmas traditions, continue reading below.

Christmas Traditions Trivia Questions & Answers

1. What is the best selling Christmas song of all time?

White Christmas

2. What is the most commonly used Christmas tree topper?

An Angel

3. What is traditionally, the most popularly consumed Christmas cookie?

The Sugar Cookie

4. What is another name for the traditional Christmas ham?

The Yule Ham

5. What is the most popular traditional Christmas drink?


6. What is the name of the wildly popular, traditional Christmas movie starring James Stewart?

It’s a Wonderful Life

7. What is the most popular, traditional Christmas carol?

Jingle Bells

8. What is the name of the most popular, traditional Christmas poem?

A Visit from St. Nicholas

9. What is the name of the traditional Christmas story?

The Nativity

10. Who is the most commonly known Christmas gift bringer in the world?

Santa Claus

11. Which animal is traditionally most associated to Christmas?


12. What are the two traditional Christmas colors?

Red & Green

13. Which traditional food is most commonly consumed as the main course meat on Christmas?

Roast Turkey

14. What is historically the traditional Christmas dessert in the US?

Figgy Pudding

15. What is the name of the traditional Christmas ornament?

The Ball

16. What is the name of the traditional Christmas decoration that is usually hung on a door?


17. Fairy lights, festive lights or string lights are traditionally called what?

Christmas Lights

18. What is the most common, traditional type of tree used for Christmas?

The Fraser Fir

19. What is the most played Christmas song on the radio every year?

“All I Want for Christmas Is You”

20. What is traditionally, the most famous children’s Christmas song?

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”

21. What are traditionally hung from the fire place for St. Nicholas to fill with gifts?


22. What is the name of the Christmas tradition where people go door-to-door to sing for neighbors?

Christmas Caroling

23. What treats are traditionally left out for Santa?


24. What is the name of the traditional Christmas decorative setup, depicting the birth of Jesus Christ?

A Nativity Scene

25. What type of matching clothing is traditionally purchased for the whole family?


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Christmas Music Trivia

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Christmas music is a genre composed of holiday-themed songs, typically featuring joyful and festive lyrics. Christmas music can date back as far as the 4th century, and has since evolved to include both traditional and contemporary styles. In the modern day, popular Christmas music can be found in a variety of genres such as pop, rock, jazz, and classical. It is often enjoyed by listeners of all ages and backgrounds during the holiday season.

Please continue reading for Christmas music trivia questions and answers.

Christmas Music Trivia Questions & Answers

26. What is the name of the song sung by Bing Crosby and David Bowie in 1977?

“Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy”

27. What is the most popular Christmas song of all time, based on record sales?

“White Christmas”

28. What is the title of the Mariah Carey song that reached No. 1 in the US and UK charts in 1994?

“All I Want for Christmas Is You”

29. Who wrote the Christmas carol “Silent Night”?

Joseph Mohr

30. What is the title of the holiday song sung by Whitney Houston?

“One Wish (for Christmas)”

31. What is the title of the Christmas song famously sung by Nat King Cole?

“The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)”

32. In what year did the Beach Boys release their Christmas album titled, The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album?


33. What pop duo released the hit single “Last Christmas” in 1984?


34. What is the title of the Christmas song sung by the character Jack Skellington in the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas?

“What’s This?”

35. What is the name of the popular holiday song sung by Brenda Lee in 1958?

“Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”

36. What is the title of the holiday song by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl?

“Fairytale of New York”

37. Who wrote the Christmas song “Somewhere in My Memory”?

John Williams

38. What is the title of the charity Christmas song written in 1984 by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to raise money for the 1983–1985 famine in Ethiopia?

Do They Know It’s Christmas?”

39. Who sang “A Holly Jolly Christmas,” “Silver and Gold,” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” in the movie Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

Burl Ives

40. Who wrote the classic holiday song “Jingle Bells”?

James Pierpont

41. Who performed the Christmas song “Christmas Eve / Sarajevo?”

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

42. What is the name of the religious Christmas carol written by Isaac Watts?

“Joy to the World”

43. Who wrote the charity Christmas song “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”

Midge Ure and Bob Geldof

44. What is the title of the Christmas song by English musician Paul McCartney, recorded during the sessions for his solo album McCartney II?

“Wonderful Christmastime”

45. Who wrote the light orchestra standard Christmas song “Sleigh Ride”?

Leroy Anderson

46. What is the name of the holiday song by Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri?

Oh Santa!

47. What is the title of the Christmas song by Chuck Berry?

“Run Rudolph Run”

48. Who wrote the Christmas song “Frosty the Snowman”?

Jack Rollins

49. What year did the Trans-Siberian Orchestra release the song “Christmas Canon”?


50. Who wrote the Christmas song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”?

Edward Pola and George Wyle

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Christmas Movies Trivia

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Christmas movies often tell stories of family, hope, and the spirit of the holidays. From heartwarming classics to modern holiday tales, these films often focus on the importance of family traditions and the joy of giving. This genre of movies spans a wide range of stories, from tales of unlikely friendships to uplifting tales of redemption. Whether they take place in the snow-covered North Pole or a small town in the heart of the Midwest, these Christmas movies are sure to bring out the holiday spirit in everyone!

For trivia question fun facts and answers about Christmas movies, keep reading.

Christmas Movies Trivia Questions & Answers

51. What is the name of the 1984 Christmas movie starring Bill Murray, as a television executive who is visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve?


52. What is the name of the character Jimmy Stewart plays in the classic Christmas movie It’s a Wonderful Life?

George Bailey

53. What is the title of the Christmas movie about a man who inadvertently makes Santa fall off his roof on Christmas Eve, and finds himself magically recruited to take his place?

The Santa Clause

54. What is the title of the movie about a young hero boy who boards on a powerful magical train that’s headed to the North Pole on Christmas Eve night?

The Polar Express

55. What is the title of the 2003 Christmas romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant?

Love Actually

56. What is the name of the elf in the Christmas movie, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, that does not enjoy making toys, but instead wants to pursue a career in dentistry?


57. What are the names of each bandit in the Christmas movie, Home Alone?

Marv & Harry

58. Who plays buddy the elf’s father in the Christmas movie, Elf?

James Caan

59. What is the title of the Christmas movie, where two neighbors have it out after one of them decorates his house for the holidays so brightly that it can be seen from space?

Deck the Halls

60. What is the title of the movie starring Jim Carrey as a disheartened Grinch who plots to ruin Christmas for the citizens of Whoville?

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

61. What is the title of the movie where a father vows to get his son a Turbo Man action figure for Christmas, but every store is sold out?

Jingle All the Way

62. What is the name of the character Chevy Chase plays in Christmas movie, Christmas Vacation?

Clark Griswold

63. Who played Jovie in Christmas film Elf?

Zooey Deschanel

64. Who does Martin Short play in the Christmas movie, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause?

Jack Frost

65. What is the title of the 2018 Christmas movie starring Kurt Russell as Santa Claus?

The Christmas Chronicles

66. What is the title of the 2000 American made-for-television fantasy-comedy film starring Leslie Nielsen, in which Santa Claus develops a case of amnesia right before Christmas

Santa Who?

67. What is the title of the movie starring Bill Murray as a television executive who is visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve?


68. What is the title of the Christmas movie about a boy named Kris, who when he grew up, wanted to deliver toys to the children of Sombertown?

Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town

69. What is the title of the 1954 American musical Christmas dance film starring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera-Ellen?

White Christmas

70. What actor plays cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation?

Randy Quaid

71. Which Christmas movie was direct by Tim Burton?

The Nightmare Before Christmas

72. How many roles does Tom Hanks voice in the animated Christmas film, The Polar Express?


73. What is the title of the Christmas movie about a small but brave donkey and his animal friends that become the unsung heroes of the first Christmas?

The Star

74. What is the title of the Christmas movie about Santa’s high-tech operation hidden beneath the North Pole?

Arthur Christmas

75. What is the title of the Christmas movie abut a postman named Jesper, who befriends a toymaker and helps end an age-old feud?


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Christmas History Trivia

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The history of Christmas dates back to the 4th century, when the Western Christian Church placed Christmas on the same date as the Roman pagan celebrations of Saturnalia and Sol Invictus. During the Middle Ages, Christmas was celebrated with a variety of traditions and customs, including gift-giving, feasting, and church services. In the 19th century, Christmas began to be celebrated in a more secular fashion, as a time for families to come together and exchange gifts. Today, Christmas is celebrated in many countries around the world, with traditions and customs that vary from culture to culture.

For Christmas history trivia questions and answers, read on below!

Christmas History Trivia Questions & Answers

76. What year was the first electric Christmas tree lights invented?


77. Who produced the first commercial Christmas card?

Sir Henry Cole

78. In what year was the first Christmas stamp issued?


79. In what century did the Christmas tree become a popular decoration?

The 19th century

80. What year was the first singing Christmas tree introduced?


81. What company manufactured the first artificial Christmas tree in 1930?

The Addis Brush Company

82. In what century did the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe begin?

The 18th century

83. In what year did the Toronto Santa Claus Parade begin?


84. Who was the first to make the literary transition from Saint Nicholas to Santa Claus in 1809

Washington Irving

85. In what year did Christmas become a national holiday in the United States?


86. In what year did the first National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony take place?


87. What year was the first Christmas movie released?


88. When did the tradition of decorating Christmas trees with ornaments begin?

The 16th century

89. In what year was the book A Christmas Carol published?


90. In what year did the tradition of sending Christmas cards begin?


91. In what century did the tradition of decorating with mistletoe begin?

The 18th century

92. What year was the first Christmas tree farm established?


93. What year was the first American-made glass tree ornament sold?


94. What year was the first Christmas special aired on radio?


95. Who created the genre of the modern Christmas album?

Bing Crosby

96. What year did the tradition of hanging mistletoe over doorways begin?

The 18th century

97. What was the first animated Christmas special aired on television?

Mister Magoo’s Christmas Carol

98. Who invented the Christmas cracker?

Tom Smith

99. Which US President brought the first Christmas tree to the White House?

Benjamin Harrison

100. Where did the tradition of the Advent calendar begin?


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Christmas Gift Bringers of the World Trivia

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Christmas gift bringers are the various gift-giving traditional figures from around the world. In the US, our traditional gift-bringer is Santa, but there are many different traditional gift bringers around the world. There are many different customs and characters associated with Christmas gift-giving. Each gift-bringer represents a celebration of the diversity of cultures, with each traditional figure having its own unique history and set of customs. It is a fun way to help celebrate the joy that the season brings, and bring some fun to young children during the holiday.

For Christmas gift bringers of the world trivia question and answers, continue reading on.

Christmas Gift Bringers of the World Trivia Questions & Answers

101. Who is the folkloric gift bringer of Chile, who appears at Christmas time?

The Easter Oldman

102. Who is the folkloric gift bringer of Bosnia, who appears on January 1st?

Ded Moroz

103. Besides Papai Noel, what is Santa Claus called in Brazil?

Good Old Man

104. What is the colloquial name used by Costa Ricans to refer to Santa Claus?


105. Who is the modern day gift bringer in Danish culture?


106. In Greek tradition, who brings gifts to children every January 1st?

Saint Basil

107. In Czech Republic folklore, what two figured accompany Svatý Mikuláš when he visits children during Christmas?

An Angel and a Devil

108. What is the traditional English name for the personification of Christmas?

Father Christmas

109. Who is the figure in Basque Country Christmas tradition that comes to town late at night on the 24th of December to drop off presents for children?


110. What folkloric figure in the country of Georgia brings presents to the children on January 1st?

Tovlis Papa or Grandfather Snow

111. What is the name of the secular gift giver in German culture who brings gifts to the children on Christmas?

Weihnachtsmann or Christmas Man

112. Who do the children of Haiti clean their shoes, fill them with straw, and leave them on their porches in the hopes that this folkloric figure will exchange the straw for presents?

Tonton Nwèl or Uncle Christmas

113. Who is the original, historic gift-giving figure of the winter holidays in Hungary, that distributes gifts with a kind face on December 6th, along with his scary assistants?

Father Frost

114. Who are the 13 mischievous prankster folkloric Icelandic figures that steal and harass the population, arriving one by one over the final 13 nights leading up to Christmas, leaving small gifts in shoes that children place on window sills, or rotten potatoes?

Jólasveinar or Yule Lads

115. Who is the legendary character in Iranian folklore, that appears annually at the beginning of spring, bringing children gifts to mark the beginning of the Iranian New Year?

Amu Nowruz or Uncle Nowruz

116. In Italian folklore, who is the old woman that delivers gifts to children throughout Italy on the night of January 5?

The Befana

117. In Mexico, there is a long tradition of the children receiving presents on the night of January 5th by what Christian figures?

Reyes Magos or Three Kings

118. In the Polish folklore, what is the name of the figure that travels to ask about good and bad deeds and brings gifts during and after Christmas?


119. Who accompanies St. Nicholas in Slovakia, as he travels and brings gifts to children?

An Angel and a Devil

120. In Swedish folklore, what is the name of the portly gnome with a white beard and a pointed red cap that hides Christmas gifts around the house?


121. What is the name of the traditional gift-bringer in Taiwan?

Old Man of Christmas

122. In Uzbekistan, who is the New Year figure that delivers gifts directly to the children with his granddaughter?

Ayoz Bobo or Frost Grandpa

123. In Welsh, the name Siôn Corn is used for Father Christmas, which directly translates to what?

Chimneypot John

124. In Japan on January 2nd, who brings metaphorical treasures in their treasure ship, known as the Takarabune?

The Seven Lucky Gods

125. What is the name of the folkloric Finnish Christmas goat?

Joulupukki or Yule Goat

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Christmas Gifts Trivia

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Christmas gifts are a traditional part of the holiday season, bringing joy and excitement to those who receive them. The selection of gifts can range from simple, inexpensive items to luxurious, expensive items. The giving of Christmas gifts is a way to show appreciation for friends and family, as well as a way to spread the spirit of giving and goodwill. Christmas gifts can be for anyone, including family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers. From personalized and heartfelt gifts, to store-bought presents, Christmas gifts can be a way to show someone they are appreciated and loved.

Continue reading below for Christmas gifts trivia fun facts questions and answers.

Christmas Gifts Trivia Questions & Answers

126. According to Christian tradition the practice of giving gifts during Christmastide, is symbolic of the presentation of the gifts to Jesus by what biblical figures?

The Three Wise Men

127. For centuries, which Saint’s day was the original gift giving day for Christmas in many cultures?

Saint Nicholas Day or December 6th

128. Which 1843 novella helped shift the gift giving day to Christmas Eve in modern history?

A Christmas Carol

129. In what century did retailers begin to direct Christmas marketing efforts towards children, in hopes that parents would be enticed to buy more goods?

The 20th Century

130. What early 1800s southern US exclamation was derived from the tradition of waking up on Christmas morning and rushing to say before anyone else, with the expectation of receiving a present?

“Christmas gift!”

131. What is the average number of people that gift givers must buy for?


132. Statistically speaking, who tends to give more gifts during Christmas time, men or women?


133. What was the average holiday budget for gift givers in 2022?

About $870

134. What prince bought his new wife a tree for Christmas, which was Illustrated in London News in 1848, spawning the very common modern tradition?

Prince Albert of Germany

135. Which culture began the tradition of leaving the gift of milk and cookies for Santa in exchange for gifts?

The Dutch

136. What is the name of the day after Thanksgiving, which is heavily marketed for early Christmas gift purchasing at a discount?

Black Friday

137. During World War II, what gift was distributed to captured Allied prisoners of war during Christmas, which when wet, revealed maps of escape routes?

Decks of Cards

138. In what year did Hallmark introduce its first Christmas Cards?


139. What country gives the people of London the gift of a tree every year, to thank them for their assistance during World War II?


140. What were the three gifts given to Jesus by the Wise Men?

Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh

141. During which century did the common practice of gift giving for Christmas begin?

The 18th Century

142. In most of Europe, where are the gifts left for children on Christmas?

In their shoes

143. What is the term for a popular way of giving presents in groups, where you pull the name of someone in the group out of a hat, and each person is anonymously given their present?

Secret Santa

144. What massive gift was given to the USA by France, as a Christmas present in the year 1886?

The Statue of Liberty

145. Since 1918, what city has received a giant Christmas tree as a gift from Nova Scotia for the massive support to the city of Halifax during their 1917 explosion and subsequent fire disaster?

The City of Boston

146. If every single gift recited in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” were given, how many gifts would be given?

364 Gifts

147. In what year was the first U.S. Christmas postage stamp issued?


148. What is the name of the Christmas gift giving game where each participant supplies one wrapped gift, the gifts are placed in a central location, and participants determine in which order they will take turns selecting a gift, which can be exchanged by other participants of the game?

White elephant, Yankee swap, or Dirty Santa

149. How much was expected to be spent in the U.S. on Christmas gifts in 2022?

$178 Billion

150. How much is spent on gift wrap in U.S. each year?

$12.7 Billion

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Christmas Foods Trivia

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Christmas foods are traditionally enjoyed around the world during the festive season. These foods typically include roasted meats, such as turkey, ham and goose, as well as a variety of sides, including mashed potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, and gravy. Sweet desserts like mince pies, Christmas pudding, and Christmas cake are also widely enjoyed, as are cookies and other treats like candy canes, fruitcake, and gingerbread. Christmas meals have become an integral part of the holiday celebration.

For Christmas foods trivia questions and answers, read on.

Christmas Foods Trivia Questions & Answers

151. What 16th century king of England had turkey for Christmas dinner, making it the holiday a tradition?

Henry VIII

152. What Christmas drink is made with milk, cream, sugar, egg yolks, whipped egg, and a distilled spirit such as brandy, rum, whisky or bourbon as the key ingredient?


153. What queen of England and Ireland invented the gingerbread Christmas cookie, commissioned to be baked in the shapes of her important guests?

Queen Elizabeth I

154. During medieval times, what two types of meats would serve as the main dish at Christmas dinner?

Peacock or Boar

155. What fast food restaurant is so popular for Christmas lunch in Japan, that people will make reservations months in advance to eat there?


156. In what century did Turkey dinner for Christmas become an America tradition?

19th century

157. What is the name of the Puerto Rican Christmas drink that is made up of a blend of coconut milk, coconut cream, condensed milk, and Puerto Rican rum?


158. What crackers were introduced at Christmastime in 1902, with a carrying string on the box designed to be hung on a Christmas Tree?

Animal Cracker’s

159. Historically, what type of meat was typically served for Christmas dinner by families that lived off the land?


160. In the Italian-American celebration of Christmas Eve, what is the dinner made up of dishes of fish and other seafood called?

The Feast of the Seven Fishes

161. What is the name of the traditional Christmastime cocktail in the United States, which is a variant of eggnog made with brandy and rum, but served hot?

A Tom and Jerry

162. What is stuffing also known as in the Southern United States?


163. What is the name of the Christmas drink made of red wine, brandy, and some holiday spices?

Mulled wine

164. In what British colony was the first eggnog believed to have been introduced to America in 1607?

Jamestown, Virginia

165. What is the name of traditional Christmas candy made up of a combination of dried fruit and spices, coated with sugar?

Sugar Plums

166. What Christmas pastry is made of flour, water, butter, and ground nuts, and after baking, they are rolled in powdered sugar?

Russian tea cake or butterballs

167. What traditional Christmas beverage is made from hot mulled cider, ale, or wine and spices, and drunk traditionally as an integral part of wassailing, an ancient English Yuletide drinking ritual?


168. Historically, what was the Christmas fruit cake designed to do?

Last all year

169. What is the name of the traditional Christmas cake, made from a genoise, baked in a large, shallow Swiss roll pan, iced, rolled to form a cylinder, and iced again on the outside?

A Yule log

170. What were Christmas Trees historically decorated with to help Santa sustain during his long night of deliveries?


171. Why are chocolate coins a Christmas tradition?

Saint Nicholas gave bags of coins to the poor

172. What Christmas candies were invented to help keep children quiet during church?

Candy canes

173. What is the name of the Italian sweet bread fruitcake, made in a cupola shape, that extends from a cylindrical base and is traditionally eaten for Christmas dessert?


174. How many calories does the typical Christmas dinner include per person?

7,000 calories

175. What type of restaurant cuisine has become semi-traditional for Jewish Americans to dine on during Christmas?

Chinese Food

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Christmas Decorations Trivia

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Christmas Decorations are decorations used to celebrate the festive season of Christmas. They come in a variety of styles including ornaments, lights, wreaths, garlands, tinsel and other festive items. They can be used to decorate homes, gardens, offices, and even businesses. Christmas decorations often bring a festive atmosphere to households and workplaces when the holidays approach.

For trivia questions and answers about Christmas decorations, keep reading on.

Christmas Decorations Trivia Questions & Answers

176. What type of tree was used as a prop in the eleventh-century play, The Paradise Play, which is about the Christian view of Creation, and would be the inspiration for the traditional Christmas colors of red, green and white?

The Paradise Tree

177. Which ancient culture would decorate their homes in green palm to celebrate the winter solstice, which many believe to be the true predecessor of the Christmas tree?


178. According to legend, who was the first person to add small candles to a fir tree he had personally cut down, inspired by the sight of stars shining above the evergreens?

Martin Luther

179. Where was silver tinsel made of actual silver, originally used to decorate Christmas trees in 1610?

Nuremberg, Germany

180. When did the tradition of adding ornaments to Christmas trees begin?

The 1600s

181. Who put the first string of electric Christmas tree lights together and strung them around his tree in 1882?

Edward H. Johnson

182. Where were wreaths originally placed as Christmas decorations?

On the Christmas Tree

183. What was the earliest Christmas tree topper, preceding the star and the angel?

Baby Jesus

184. In ancient folklore, for what purpose did St. Nicholas slide down a man’s chimney and slip gold coins into his daughters’ newly laundered stockings?

As Dowry

185. Before being a romantic holiday tradition, what did the Greeks use mistletoe for?


186. In what century was the characteristic red stripe added to Christmas candy canes?

The 20th Century

187. What children’s fairytale is believed to have mainstreamed the Christmas tradition of building gingerbread houses?

Hansel and Gretel

188. Who is said to have brought the Poinsettia flower home as a symbol of the holiday season?

Joel R. Poinsett

189. Who poured semolina into a glass globe filled with water, creating an artificial snowfall that became the basis of the Christmas snow globe?.

Erwin Perzy

190. During which era did carolers begin ringing bells, becaming the unofficial sound of Christmas?

The Victorian era

191. Which ancient civilization inspired the Christmas tradition of hanging holly berries in their homes to celebrate Saturnalia?

The Romans

192. Who created the first real-life nativity scene in 1223?

St. Francis of Assisi

193. Who created the Christmas table topper and party favor in one, the Christmas cracker?

Tom Smith

194. How long would Families traditionally burn Yule logs for ?

12 Days

195. Which Christmas decoration was inspired by small sachets or boxes filled with aromatic herbs used to purify the air in Europe at the time of the Black Plague?


196. Where was the Christmas tree glass ball decoration originally created?

Lauscha, Germany

197. Since what year has the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree been a national yearly tradition?


198. Where was the medieval times custom at one point, to hang Christmas trees upside down from the ceiling?


199. In what country are Christmas trees decorated with spider webs?


200. What three states in the United States do not have Christmas tree farms?

New Mexico, South Dakota, or Wyoming

Christmas Controversies Trivia

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Christmas controversies refer to debates and criticism that arise over the celebration of Christmas. These controversial issues range from religious debates, to consumerism and commercialism, to the celebration of Santa Claus, to the use of public spaces for holiday displays. Some religious groups view the celebration of Christmas as a secular event that detracts from its religious significance. Others argue that the commercialization of Christmas detracts from its meaning. Other debates center around the use of public spaces for holiday displays, the focus on Santa Claus rather than the religious aspects of the holiday, and the focus on gift-giving.

For Christmas controversies trivia questions and answers, continue reading on.

Christmas Controversies Trivia Questions & Answers

201. In what century did Puritans have laws forbidding the ecclesiastical celebration of Christmas?

The 17th century

202. What group was in power during the era of Revolutionary France, banning Christian Christmas religious services?

Cult of Reason

203. In what century were Christmas celebrations prohibited under the doctrine of state atheism in the Soviet Union?

The 20th century

204. What German state attacked organized religion and Christmas celebrations to serve the Party’s ideology?

Nazi Germany

205. What historian of the second century, maintained that Jesus of Nazareth was conceived on March 25th, which the Christian Church came to celebrate as the Feast of the Annunciation?

Sextus Julius Africanus

206. Which emperor established Dies Natalis Solis Invicti in order to compete with the Christian feast of Christmas?

Emperor Aurelian

207. In what year did the Christian Council of Tours establish Advent as the season of preparation for Christmas, as well as the season of Christmastide?

567 AD

208. What group is believed to have originally burned logs as a common practice among many cultures across Northern Europe, prior to the Christianization of Europe?


209. What religious group objected to the Christian feast of Christmas during the English Interregnum?

The Puritans

210. What book of 1652 argued against the Puritans, and makes note of Old English Christmas traditions?

The Vindication of Christmas

211. The restoration of what king in 1660 ended the ban on Christmas in England?

King Charles II

212. In Scotland, which church discouraged the observance of Christmas?

The Presbyterian Church of Scotland

213. What author superimposed his humanitarian vision of the Christmas holiday upon the public, an idea that has been termed the “Carol Philosophy”?

Charles Dickens

214. Which transcontinental country banned Christmas observances in accordance with the Marxist–Leninist doctrine of state atheism until 1936?

The Soviet Union

215. What atheistic and anti-religious organization of workers and intelligentsia encouraged school pupils to campaign against Christmas traditions in 1920s USSR?

The League of Militant Atheists

216. The American Civil Liberties Union argues that government-funded displays of Christmas imagery and traditions violate which Amendment of the U.S. Constitution?

The First Amendment

217. What Christian advocacy organization believes that Christmas displays are consistent with the First Amendment, as well as court rulings that have repeatedly upheld accommodationism?

Alliance Defending Freedom

218. What 1984 United States Supreme Court case permits religious themes in government-funded Christmas displays with “legitimate secular purposes”?

Lynch v. Donnelly

219. In the United Kingdom, what phrase was temporarily promoted in place of Christmas for a whole season of events by Birmingham City Council in the 1990s?


220. What commission held countrywide consultative public hearings in June and July 2012 to assess the need for a review of public holidays following the receipt of complaints from minority groups about unfair discrimination in South Africa?

The CRL Rights Commission

221. What was the Belgian Christmas Market renamed to, sparking controversy in December 2012?

“Winter Pleasures”

222. What Governor of California ended the secular practice of calling the State Christmas tree a “holiday tree” in 2004?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

223. What did the atheistic Cult of Reason of Revolutionary France rename the three kings cake to?

“The Equality cake”

224. In what year in China did state officials raid Christian churches just prior to Christmas and force them to close?


225. In Indonesia, what did some radical groups propose the December 25th holiday of Christmas be changed to?

“World Moslem Convert Day”

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