195 Car Trivia Quiz Questions & Answers

Below you will find 195 car trivia questions you can use to test yourself and others on the subject. These questions are pretty challenging, so only the truest car fanatics will likely know these answers.

The automobile industry is full of incredibly interesting facts. As a result, car enthusiasts have abounded. With so much history around the automobile, Car trivia is a perfect pastime for auto lovers.


195 Car Trivia Questions & Answers
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Since the creation of the first car in the 1800’s, the automobile industry has grown to close to a trillion dollars a year in revenue. The advanced vehicles of today are a far cry from the initial invention of motorized transportation, but without these starting efforts, the car world would not be what it is today.

If you are a car lover, you will certainly enjoy these 195 car trivia questions. Use them to play with your friends, test yourself, or to learn new facts about cars. You may surprised at how much you did not know!

195 Car Trivia Questions & Answers

Car Trivia Questions & Answers

1. Which Danish car manufacturer is responsible for making some of the fastest and most expensive cars in the world, including the ST1?


2. What was Acura’s first SUV?


3. What is the in-house performance tuning division of BMW called?


4. What is widely regarded as the first ever automobile, created in 1886?

Benz Patent Motorwagon

5. What does the acronym “Alfa” stand for in Alfa Romeo?

Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili

6. What was the first car Lamborghini ever produced?

350 GTV

7. Which car company’s logo is a blue oval with the name written cursively in the middle?


8. What were Cadillacs first vehicles?

The Runabout and Tonneau

9. Which German State’s flag does BMW’s logo colors incorporate?

The State of Bavaria

10. What type of racing is considered to the be the oldest form of racing, and usually takes place between two cars on an eighth or a quarter mile stretch of road?

Drag Racing

11. Who was the Croatian racer of Italian decent, raised in America, that competed in IndyCar, Formula 1, and stock car racing, with twelve wins and a 1978 Formula 1 championship?

Mario Andretti

12. What is the largest U.S. based automaker?

General Motors

13. Which Formula 1 race happens at the last weekend of May, in small city streets, in a microstate on the French Riviera?

The Monaco Grand Prix

14. Which American car brands logo is a “tri-shield” with Scottish origins?


15. What does the parts, service, and customer care division “Mopar” stand for?

Motor Parts

16. Which company became the first Japanese automaker to be a net exporter from the United States?


17. Which Aston Martin was James Bond’s car in the Goldfinger?

The DB5

18. Chevrolet is an American automobile division of which American manufacturer?

General Motors

19. Which vehicle has a 7.3 liter V12, with a top speed of 220 mph, making it one of the fastest and most expensive Aston Martins ever built?

Aston Martin One-77

20. What kind of company was Kia before it began making cars?

A Steel Tubing and Bicycle Parts Manufacturer

21. Which car company emblem consists of 3 reds diamonds?


22. Which Italian car company was technically founded out the Alfa Romeo race division in 1939?


23. What is the sister brand of Opel?


24. What percent of supercars are considered hypercars?


25. Which open wheel racing competition takes place on Memorial Day weekend, consisting of 200 counterclockwise laps, and the winner receiving a bottle of milk?

The Indianapolis 500

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26. What company did Rapp Motorenwerke GmbH, an aircraft engine manufacturing company, eventually become?


27. What is the name of the kind of volatile hydrocarbon mixture obtained from petroleum, used as a solvent to fuel the first Mercedes Benz?


28. What type of timed racing takes place in all types of terrains, and utilizes pace notes to prepare for the obstacles of each stage of the race?


29. Which Italian car company’s logo is a shield with a scorpion, on a yellow and red background?


30. Who was the Scottish racer that won two F1 titles in 1963 and 1965, as well as, the Indianapolis 500, but tragically passed after wrecking in a West German race?

Jim Clark

31. What is the name of the oldest Italian car manufacturer?


32. What is the in-house performance tuning division of Mercedes called?


33. What amphibious military vehicle did Porsche turn the Volkswagen Beetle into during World War 2?

The Schwimmwagen

34. In 1917, what was considered to be Japan’s first mass produced vehicle, producing 22 units?

The Mitsubishi Model A

35. What was the first Rover production car?

The Rover 8

36. What is the first car Suzuki created in 1955?

The Suzulight

37. What does Audi’s 2021 German slogan, “Vorsprung durch Technik” translate to in English?

Advancement Through Technology

38. When Mazda was called the Toyo Kogyo Co., Ltd., what was the name of the tricycle truck which was the first vehicle they created?

The “Mazda-go”

39. What was the first Renault car?

The Renault Voiturette 1CV

40. What was the first mass-produced PEUGEOT car?

The 201

41. What was Toyota’s first passenger car, built in 1936?

The Toyoda Model AA

42. What was the first Kia car?

The Kia Brisa

43. Which endurance race is run on the Circuit de la Sarthe, and runs over 3,000 miles?

24 Hours of Le Mans

44. Which car became the primary light 4-wheel-drive vehicle of the United States Armed forces?


45. What was the first SUV produced by Vauxhall?

The Mokka

46. What is the name of the first ever Maserati SUV?

The Levante

47. What is the name Hyundai’s electric vehicle division?


48. Which Argentinian racer, also known as “El Maestro”, won five F1 titles and has the highest winning percentage of all time, at 46%?

Juan Manuel Fangio

49. What was the first Lotus, designed and built by Mark Chapman?

The Lotus Mark I

50. Which car, named after the Incan Wind God, has an AMG 6.0 liter V12 and two turbo chargers, making it one the fastest and most expensive cars in the world?

Pagani Huayra

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51. What design measuring instrument does Acura’s “A-badge” represent?

A Caliper

52. What is the first car that was designed by Porsche, as an assignment from the German government?

The Volkswagen

53. What type of racing has its roots in the prohibition era, where moonshine runners would make modifications to their cars to outrun the police?

Stock Car Racing – NASCAR

54. Which car company re-purposed a Henry Ford Company factory to establish itself?


55. What does the acronym “STI” stand for, in Subaru’s higher performance racing vehicles?

Subaru Tecnica International

56. What was the first Lincoln ever produced by Ford?

The Model L

57. What was the first Rolls-Royce car?

The Rolls-Royce 10 hp

58. What was the first Japanese automobile manufacturer to release a dedicated luxury brand?


59. Which electrical engineer is Elon Musk’s electric vehicle company named after?

Nikola Tesla

60. Which corporation owns the Buick brand?

General Motors

61. What kind of company was Mitsubishi when it began?

A Shipping Firm

62. In what year was the first hybrid electric vehicle designed by engineer Ferdinand Porsche?


63. Which company did Henry Ford purchase in 1922, to compete with luxury brands such as Cadillac?


64. Who currently owns the Mini brand in 2021?


65. What was the first American car company?

The Duryea Motor Wagon Company

66. Who bought Cadillac in 1909?

General Motors

67. Who officially created world’s first car?

Carl Benz

68. What was the first Chevrolet SUV?

The Chevrolet Carryall Suburban

69. What is the first truck chassis Ford produced, in 1917?

The Model TT

70. What is the in-house performance tuning division of Toyota called?


71. What type of racing is known as showroom stock racing?

Production Car Racing

72. What is the name of the luxury vehicle division of Hyundai Motor Group?

Genesis Motor

73. What type of engine layout is Subaru known for?

Boxer Engine Layout

74. What is the first Ford SUV ever made?

The Bronco

75. Which luxury car division’s 2021 slogan is “Precision Crafted Performance”?


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76. What was the first car Hyundai sold in the United States?

The Hyundai Excel

77. What is Aston Martin’s first SUV?


78. When was the first 3 doors Range Rover put into production?


79. What was the first 4 wheel drive car ever created?

The Spyker

80. Before Mazda was a car company, what product were they manufacturing under a different company name?


81. Which “bowtie” company car logo was inspired by a wallpaper design in a Parisian hotel?


82. What is the the first non-exhibition race of the year, in the NASCAR cup series called?

The Daytona 500

83. What was the first Kia SUV?

The Kia Sportage

84. Rather than using a steering wheel, what did Vauxhall’s first car use instead?

A Tiller

85. What does the acronym “Fiat” stand for?

Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino

86. What was the first Renault SUV?

The Renault Koleos

87. Who is the first ever black driver to not only compete in, but win, seven Formula 1 championships as of 2021?

Lewis Hamilton

88. What was the name of the racing division, owned by Ford, from 1998 to 2004?


89. What is the name of the the bonnet ornament sculpture mounted on the hood of Rolls-Royce cars?

The Spirit of Ecstasy

90. What was Suzuki selling prior to becoming an automobile company?


91. Nissan came to the U.S. in 1958, under what name?


92. Who did Emil Jellinek name the 1901 Mercedes 35 hp after?

His Daughter

93. Who is the oldest Japanese car manufacturer?

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

94. What is the first official SUV, Nissan produced in 1986?

The Pathfinder

95. Which company established General Motors in 1908?

The Buick Motor Company

96. General Motors Korea was formerly known as what?

Daewoo Motor

97. What is the in-house performance tuning division of Aston Martin called?


98. What was the first car Chevrolet ever made?

Series C Classic Six

99. What was the first Lotus production street car?

The Lotus Elite

100. What was the first SUV produced by MINI?

The MINI Countryman

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101. What does the name “Isuzu” translate to in English?

Fifty Bells

102. Which car company began life as an industrial steel foundry manufacturer in 1810?


103. Which Italian automobile company was initially reconfiguring surplus military machines to make tractors?


104. The Ram Trucks’ logo was originally used as which car brands logo?


105. What was the first Ferrari ever produced?

The 125 S

106. What was the first SUV produced by Hyundai?

The Hyundai Santa Fe

107. What does Acura’s “NSX” stand for?

New Sports eXperimental

108. What is the first model Pagani Automobili S.p.A. ever produced?

Zonda C12

109. Who is the only driver that has won the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the 24 Hours of Daytona, the Indianapolis 500, and the Daytona 500?

A.J. Foyt

110. What was the first car Subaru made?

The Subaru 1500

111. What was Tesla’s first car?

The Tesla Roadster

112. Who has the most F1 wins as of 2020, with 95?

Lewis Hamilton

113. Who is the parent company of Kia?

The Hyundai Motor Company

114. What is the in-house performance tuning division of Jaguar called?


115. Which type of racing is very popular in Germany, Australia, and the U.K., and is based on heavily modified road cars?

Touring Car Racing

116. Which Italian car company’s emblem is the trident?


117. Who’s coat of arms inspired Cadillac’s logo?

Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac

118. Before Opel was an automobile company, what did they initially produce?

Sewing Machines

119. What is the in-house performance tuning division of Volvo called?


120. Ford’s four brands included Lincoln, Mercury, Ford, and this fourth brand, which was a complete failure; what is the name of the fourth brand that was discontinued in 1959?


121. What model of Aston Martin is a rebadged variant of the Toyota/ Scion iQ?


122. What is the oldest car ever created under the Audi name?

The Type A Sport-Phaeton

123. What was the first Saab SUV?

The 9-7X

124. What kind of company was Hyundai before they became an automobile maker?

An Engineering and Construction Company

125. What was the worlds first production vehicle to use a knee airbag in the U.S.?

The Kia Sportage

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126. Which French car company’s logo is a single diamond?


127. Who is the first driver, not of Nordic descent, to win Finland’s 1000 Lakes Rally?

Carlos Sainz

128. What was the first U.S. car company to win the Royal Automobile Club of the United Kingdom’s Dewar Trophy?


129. Who is the leading car manufacturer in Japan, as of 2021?


130. What was the first car produced by Ford?

The Model A

131. What is the Mercedes Benz 2021 slogan?

The Best or Nothing

132. What is the oldest British car manufacturer?


133. Who’s the only driver to win the “Triple Crown of Motorsport”, which includes wins in the Indianapolis 500, the Formula 1 World Championship, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans?

Graham Hill

134. Who was the first president of the Ford Motor Company, before Henry Ford?

John S. Gray

135. What color was the first Ferrari that was ever produced?


136. Which Italian car company’s logo is a gold bull on a black background?


137. What was McLaren’s first purpose-built road car?

The F1

138. What is the in-house performance tuning division of Dodge called?


139. Who is the youngest driver to ever compete in Formula 1?

Max Verstappen

140. What is the best selling car of all time?

The Toyota Corolla

141. Which annually held race takes place in early October, on the Mount Panorama circuit in Australia?

The Bathurst 1000

142. What German car company emblem is a sharp horizontal lightning strike?


143. Which entry level luxury car brand was discontinued by Ford in 2011?


144. Which German automobile company’s name is based on a Latin translation of the founder’s last name?


145. Which car company acquired Vauxhaull in 1925?

General Motors

146. What was the first SUV Buick introduced to market?

The Rendezvous

147. What does German term “volkswagen” translate to in English?

The People’s Car

148. Who is the world’s largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines?


149. What inexpensive Toyota brand, intended to appeal to a younger customer, was discontinued in 2016?


150. Which driver has the most 24 Hours of Le Mans wins, with 9?

Tom Kristensen

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151. Who owns the Lagonda brand?

Aston Martin

152. What was the first Jaguar SUV?

The F-Pace

153. Which car company’s logo is a lion?


154. Which driver was the first to win seven NASCAR Cup Championships?

Richard Petty

155. Which company created the original two-door Mini?

The British Motor Corporation (BMC)

156. What was the name of the first lightweight truck made by Suzuki in 1961?

The Suzulight Carry

157. What was the first Volvo car?

The Volvo ÖV 4

158. What was Mazda’s company name when they were manufacturing corks?

Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd

159. In 1998, which company did General Motors purchase the “Hummer” brand name from?

 AM General

160. What is the name of the Zoroastrian god of harmony, intelligence and wisdom that inspired the car company name, “Mazda”?

Ahura Mazda

161. What is the all time, best selling, plug-in electric car as of 2021?

The Tesla Model 3

162. Which Japanese car company is named after the Pleiades star cluster?


163. What type of racing runs in long-standing endurance competitions, such as the 24 Hours of Daytona or the 24 Hours of Le Mans?

Sports Car Racing

164. What was Cadillac’s first SUV?

The Escalade

165. What was the first car produced by Hyundai, 1975?

The Pony

166. Who was the youngest driver to win a Formula 1 Grand Prix?

Max Verstappen

167. What was the first Saab production model?

The Saab 92

168. What does “SRT” stand for, in the performance and racing division of Dodge?

Street & Racing Technology

169. What is the oldest continuous car company in the world, with the French company having been started in 1810?


170. What is the in-house performance tuning division of Nissan called?


171. What was the first Japanese automotive luxury brand?


172. Which driver had a major crash in 1976, suffered from horrible facial burns, and ended up racing two months later?

Niki Lauda

173. Which Japanese company teamed up with Wolseley to produce their cars in east Asia?


174. Before developing cars, what did the Rover company make?


175. What is the in-house performance tuning division of Audi called?


176. What is the oldest automobile brand in the United States?


177. What was the first car produced by Dodge?

The Dodge 30-35

178. What was the first production automobile from Honda?

The T360

179. What was the first Bentley SUV?

The Bentayga

180. What is the name of this famous race, that takes place in Central Finland and the Finnish Lakeland, and is considered the fastest event in the World Rally Championship?

Rally Finland

181. In what year was the Toyota Prius first introduced to market?


182. Who introduced the first moving assembly line at their factory in 1913?

Henry Ford

183. Who were the two founders of Tesla Motors?

Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning

184. Which racer has won the most World Rally Championship titles in a row?

Sébastien Loeb

185. What was Jaguar’s original company name?

The Swallow Sidecar Company

186. What French explorer, and the founder of Detroit, Michigan, was Cadillac named after?

Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac

187. What was the first Volvo truck?

The Series 1

188. What type of racing uses vehicles with no fairing covers such as IndyCar and F1?

Open-wheel Racing

189. What concept is the basis of the modern social and economic standardization of industry, production and mass consumption, named for Henry Ford?


190. What was the first Buick made for sale, in 1904?

The Model B

191. What does the Hyundai slanted “H” logo represent?

Two People Shaking Hands

192. What is the in-house performance tuning division of Ford called?

Ford Performance

193. Which current U.K. auto company’s logo features the head of a griffin?


194. Which car company offered the first electric starter?


195. Which company was the first to make power steering commercially available in a passenger car?

The Chrysler Corporation

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