151 Food Trivia Questions: Fruit, Greens, Drink, Exotic & More

Food and drink is a universally beloved subject. The below 151 Food and Drink trivia questions with answers will surely test your knowledge on the topic and possibly, help you learn about new, exotic food and drink items from around the world. There is quite the international mix included here, so prepare to discover some cultural delicacies you may never even know existed.

If you’re a foodie like me, these 151 Food and Drink trivia questions will be perfect for you. Feel free to use these food and drink trivia questions to challenge yourself and friends at your next trivia night. Now sit back, grab a snack, and most important, have fun with these food and drink trivia questions!


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Read 151 Food & Drink Trivia Questions & Answers

The following 151 food & drink trivia questions cover a variety of food, drinks, fun facts, and exotic foods from around the world. These questions will challenge even the biggest foodies as they include a huge variety, with some wildly interesting fun facts to keep you on your toes. Read on, challenge yourself, and enjoy!

Drinks Trivia

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Drinks vary from place to place. These beverages are quite eclectic and are made up of some things you may have a hard time believing. But with that said, some sound quite delicious and may make your mouth water. From alcohol, to teas, juices, and sodas, these questions cover some really interesting concoctions.

If you enjoy your drinks, read on for trivia questions and answers about drinks from all over the world!

Drinks Trivia Questions & Answers

1. What is the name of this sweet and spicy hot Indonesian drink made of ginger essence, palm sugar, cinnamon, and sometimes, condensed milk?


2. What is the name of this popular Russian and Ukrainian drink, which is made by baking milk for a long time at low temperature, and then fermented by adding sour cream, kefir, or buttermilk?


3. What is the core ingredient of the Japanese drink, sake?


4. What is the name of this dark Swedish soft drink, consumed at Christmas time, often described as a mixture of cola and root beer, but has an even sweeter flavor?


5. What is the name of this Turkish drink, made from purple carrots, ground bulgur, salt, yeast, and water, flavored with a fermented turnip?


6. What is the name of this Yemeni traditional hot drink, made of spiced coffee husks, ginger, and sometimes cinnamon?


7. What is the name of the mare milk drink from Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, which is fermented and turned into alcohol?


8. What is the name of this hot or cold Korean drink made of water, dried persimmon, ginger, and cinnamon?


9. What is the name of this Colombian cold beverage, made with dried maize, pineapple, mashed lulo, panela, cloves, quince or guanábana, cinnamon, and orange tree leaves?


10. What is the name of this South Korean frothy whipped coffee that is served on top of milk?

Dalgona Coffee

11. What is the name of the drink, that is used in Fijian ceremonies and formal meetings, with psychoactive properties?


12. What is the name of this hot Mexican beverage which is made with milk or water, corn masa gruel, sugar, flavored with chocolate, and sometimes with other ingredients such as vanilla, cinnamon, or anise seed?


13. What is the Dominican drink, made of red wine, honey and rum, poured over bark, along with any other ingredients the maker wants to add?


14. What is the name of the Paraguayan drink, which is an infusion of yerba mate, prepared with cold water, ice cubes, and herbs such as mint, lemongrass, or lemon verbena?


15. Which fruit juice is found in Mountain Dew?

Orange Juice

16. What is the name of this sweet hot Indonesian drink made with ginger, sugar, and coconut milk, usually served with snacks?


17. What is the name of this non-alcoholic Peruvian drink, traditionally made by boiling purple corn and pineapple rinds in water, and leaving to cool down, sometimes with added sugar, cinnamon, or cloves?

Chica Morada

18. What is the Bulgarian drink that is made from fermenting boiled flour, which gives it a slightly sour but sweet taste, and used to be very popular amongst children?


19. What is the name of this drink from India, which is made with a combination of sweetened black tea, milk, and is spiced with a masala mix?

Masala Chai

20. What is the name of the that beer comes from the Limbu people of Nepal and is made by fermenting whole grain millet?


21. What is the name of the Asian drink which is made of sugar, yogurt curd, and usually some fruit or flavorings such as saffron or cardamom?

Sweet Lassi

22. What is the name of this Colombian drink that is made from raw pressed sugarcane juice, mixed with water, ice, and lots of fresh limes?


23. What is the name of this cane brandy fused with the bark of indigenous rainforest plants, and is unique to a specific region in Ecuador?


24. What is the name of this corn based Mexican breakfast drink, made from cornmeal, cornstarch, or masa harina, with a thick and creamy texture, traditionally made with water, but now made with milk as well?


25. What type of drink did Russia classify beer as until 2011?

A Soft Drink

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Food Fun Facts Trivia

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There are some really fascinating fun facts about food. From their classification, to their origins, and even their moments in history, food is such a critical part of humankind. It has seeped its way into history in a variety of fun ways.

If you are true foodie, read on for fun facts about food trivia questions and answers.

Food Fun Facts Trivia Questions & Answers

26. What kind of food is a cashew?

A Seed

27. Which Pizza chain was once the largest purchaser of kale in the United States, up until 2012?

Pizza Hut

28. Which American state is known as the “The Mushroom Capital of the World”?


30. What do you call a single noodle of spaghetti?


31. What three flavors did Three Musketeers bars originally have in them?

Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate

32. Which food company uses 25% of the world’s entire hazelnut supply, as of 2021?


33. What was the name of the Earl of Sandwich, the man coined as the inventor of the sandwich?

John Montagu

34. “Pez” is a shortened word for peppermint in what language?


35. What is the name of the most expensive restaurant in the world, as of 2021?


36. Which nut can spontaneously combust when in large quantities?

Pistachio Nuts

37. Before he created the brand Famous Amos, what was Wally Amos’s prior occupation?

Talent Agent

38. Where was SPAM invented?


39. Who invented the tea bag?

Thomas Sullivan

40. Of what profession was the inventor of Ice Cream, William Morrison?


41. What is the name of this phallic-looking clam that is native to western Canada and the Pacific Northwest; it is also the largest and most expensive clam?

Geoduck Clams

42. Who was Margherita pizza named after?

Queen Margherita of Savoy

43. Since wasabi is difficult to grow, what is most manufactured “wasabi” actually made up of?


44. Where was processed cheese invented?


45. Which delicate and expensive spice comes from the Crocus Sativus flower?


46. What kind of food is an avocado?

A Fruit

47. What kind of coffee can only be harvested from the droppings of an animal called the civet?

Kopi Luwak

48. What is the name of this mashed up, pork based food product, as-well-as the colloquial term for junk mail?


49. What color were most carrots prior to the 17th century, when a genetic mutation made them the more popular color, orange?


50. What is statistically, the most commonly stolen food in the world as of 2020?


51. What language does the snack name “Dorito” derive from?


52. What is the official state nut of Alabama?


53. Where did Apple Pie originate?


54. What is the name of pickles marinated in Kool-Aid, which originated in Delta, Mississippi?


55. What kind of employee was Richard Montañez initially at Frito-Lay, who then went on to be the inventor of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos?

A Janitor

56. The names Orville Redenbacher and Otis Sistrunk were combined to create what famous cookie brand?

Otis Spunkmeyer

57. Where was Hawaiian pizza invented?


58. Which additive is put in a number of cheeses to prevent clumping?


59. What does M&M’s stand for?

Mars and Murrie

60. What kind of food is an eggplant considered to be?

A Fruit

61. What kind of sandwich was smuggled into space by astronaut John Young on the Gemini 3?

A Corned Beef Sandwich

62. Where did French fries originate?


63. Where was German chocolate cake invented?


64. What was the original name of the “Oreo”?

The Oreo Biscuit

65. What is the most staple food in the world?

Maize Corn

66. When Boeing Co. needed to test out in-flight wireless signals on full planes, what food did they use to try and find weak spots in in-flight wireless signals?


67. What is Oklahoma’s official state vegetable?

The Watermelon

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Fruit Trivia

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Fruits are possibly my favorite food. If you are like me, you enjoy them as a snack, a dessert, and even as the perfect pairing for some entrees. There are so many fruits in the world. You may be shocked to learn about some you may have never heard of.

Read on for some interesting fruit trivia questions and answers.

Fruit Trivia Questions & Answers

68. What is the name of this egg shaped fruit, with varying colors of yellow, orange, and red, also known as the tree tomato?


69. What is the largest tree grown fruit in the world?


70. Which fruit is oval in shape, green to yellow in color, with white, yellow, pink or red flesh, containing numerous yellowish seeds, and the tree wood is used in barbecue competitions in the United States?


71. Which fruit looks like a scaly avocado, with the nickname “custard apple,” after the custard-like, white flesh that is found at its center?


72. What is the most expensive melon in the world?

Yūbari King Melons

73. Which southern Brazilian, Paraguayan and northern Argentinian fruit is cultivated for its sweet and seedy yellow or dark purple flesh, with a soft to firm juicy interior, filled with numerous seeds, and usually juiced and added to other juices to enhance aroma?

Passion Fruit

74. Which African fruit produces bean-like pods filled with seeds, surrounded by a fibrous, paste-like brown pulp, and sometimes referred to as the “date of India”?


75. What reproductive structure of plants are fruit?

The Ovary

76. What fruit inspired the paisley pattern?


77. Which fruit has select edible species that are similar in texture and appearance to a small yellow tomato, and are surrounded by a calyx that resembles a Chinese lantern?


78. Which fruits look like elongated raspberries or blackberries, and the trees that bear them provide the leaves that are the only food source for silk worms?


79. What is the name of this Thai and Southeast Asian fruit, that has an inedible deep purple colored rind, with white colored flesh, that segments similar to a citrus fruit?


80. What is the more common English name of the carambola fruit?


81. Which fruit do humans share the most DNA with?


82. How many segments are there usually in an orange?


83. What is the more common English name of the pitaya, which is the fruit of several different cactus species?

Dragon Fruit

84. Which Mexican, Central American and Caribbean fruit has a thin rough brownish skin, with a sweet malty pear like flesh, a soft pulp texture, and two or three large black seeds with tiny hooks on them?

Chikoo, Sapodilla, Sapota, Naseberry, or Nispero

85. What is the proper name of the pineapple guava, which has a green skin, and a seedy opaque gelatinous flesh?


86. Which Borneo and Sumatra native fruit has a strong controversial odor, a thorn-covered rind, a green to brown husk, a pale yellow to red flesh, and is used to flavor a wide variety of sweet and savory desserts in Southeast Asian cuisines?


87. Which fruit is similar to the lychee, and in Cantonese the name translates to “dragon eye”, due to the translucent flesh and the black seed in the middle?


88. Which fruit bears a resemblance to the tomato, but with a sweet, rich, honey-like taste, and when fully ripe are a yellow, orange, or dark-brown depending on the species?


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International & Exotic Food Trivia

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The variety of food available throughout the world is staggering. In creating these questions, I discovered a vast diversity of exciting foods throughout the globe. There are so many dishes I have never even heard of and it makes me want to travel the world just to sample some of these delicacies.

If exotic foods of the world entice you, continue on for international and exotic food trivia questions and answers.

International & Exotic Food Trivia Questions & Answers

89. What is the name of the traditional Danish open-faced sandwich that usually consists of a piece of buttered dense dark rye bread, topped with cold cuts, pieces of meat or fish, cheese or spreads, and garnishes?


90. What is the name of the national Icelandic dish, which is fermented Greenland or sleeper shark?


91. Which food in Japanese cuisine is made from various marine animals and consists of small pieces of meat in a brown viscous paste of the animal’s heavily salted, fermented viscera?


92. What are rocky mountain oysters made of?

Bull Testicles

93. What sheep’s milk cheese comes from Sardinia, Italy, and is filled with maggot larva?

Casu Marzu

94. What is the name of the Scottish dish that consists of a sheep or calf’s offal mixed with suet, oatmeal, and seasoning, and traditionally boiled in a bag made from the animal’s stomach?


95. What is the main ingredient of the Japanese drink, Placenta 10000?

Pig Placenta

96. What is the main ingredient of the Hindi soda drink, Gau Jal?

Cow Urine

97. What is the name of this Japanese dish made from sperm sacs of puffer, angler, salmon, squid, or cod fish?


98. What is the name of the Chinese dish where eggs are covered in clay, ash, and salt, and then left for months until the yolk turns green and the white turns black?

Century Eggs

99. What kind of animal does Japanese style sushi, Cherry Blossom Meat come from?

A Horse

100. What kind of ultra exclusive white caviar comes from the albino beluga sturgeon?

Iranian Almas Caviar

101. What is the name of this Scandinavian pancake made from whipped blood, lingonberries and reindeer meat?


102. What is the name of this Korean street food, made of boiled or steamed silkworm pupae?


103. What kind of Japanese beef comes from the Wagyu cow in the Hyogo prefecture?

Kobe Beef

104. What is the type of food that is typically made of cattle or sheep stomach lining?


105. What is the name of this Moroccan snail soup, made by boiling snails in a variety of Moroccan spices?


106. What is the name of this Hawaiian dish, made from the fermented root of the taro, which has been baked and pounded to a paste?


107. What is the name of this Philippine dish, which is fertilized duck egg with the embryo still inside, prepared with salt, chili and vinegar?


108. What country does real balsamic vinegar come from?


109. What is the form of dry cured meat, that originated in Southern African countries and uses various types of meat to produce it, ranging from beef to game meats, such as ostrich or kudu?


110. What is the name of this Ukrainian dish that’s made solely with the fat of meat, cut into slabs, smoked, and left in a cool cellar for a year?


111. What is the seaweed that is most commonly used to wrap a sushi roll called?


112. What is the name of a type of Middle Eastern, European and Turkish stew, boiled with cows feet and head?


113. What is the name of the food spread made from yeast extract, which is a by-product of beer brewing?


114. In Korea, the drink chamchi nunmulju is soju mixed with what other ingredient?

Tuna Eye Fluid

115. What is the name of this Alaskan Indian Ice cream, made of dried fish, dried meat, fat, berries, and mild sweeteners?


116. What kind of rare black watermelon is only grown on the Northern Island of Hokkaido, off the coast of Japan and yields only around 70 per year?

Densuke Watermelon

117. What is the name of the Alaskan dish that involves fermenting the heads of king salmon, burying the heads for a few weeks, and then mashing them into mush to be eaten?


118. Which highly toxic fish is a delicacy in Japan?

Pufferfish, Blowfish, or Fugu

119. What is the name of this unique South African sausage made from ground beef, roasted coriander seeds, salt, and vinegar?


120. What is the name of this distinct UK or Irish type of sausage, made from pork blood, with pork fat or beef suet, and a cereal?

Black or Blood Pudding

121. What is the name of the traditional Inuit and Chukchi food most often made from the skin blubber of the bowhead whale, and usually eaten raw?


122. What kind of bird saliva is used in bird’s nest soup?


123. What is the name of this English dish made with baked pilchards, eggs and potatoes, covered in a pastry crust, with the fish always set staring up?

Stargazy Pie

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Vegetable Trivia

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Arguably the healthiest food in existence, vegetables are an integral part of a balanced diet. They come in all shapes, sizes, and forms, each with their own unique tastes and health benefits. But just because they are good for you, doesn’t mean that they are not absolutely delicious when prepared well.

If you enjoy your greens, read on for fascinating vegetable trivia questions and answers.

Vegetable Trivia Questions & Answers

124. What is the name of this vegetable, also known as yuca or manioc?


125. What is the common English name for the vegetable that is also known as the ash gourd or the wax gourd?

The Winter Melon

126. Which vegetable comes from cactus pads, is used commonly in Mexican stews, soups, and salads, and its plant bears prickly pears?


127. What is the proper name for Chinese Broccoli?

Kai-Lan or Gai Lan

128. What is the English name for the Japanese Renkon or the Chinese Lian Ou?

Lotus Root

129. What is the name of this knobby bulbous root vegetable, used as an alternative to potatoes, and also called celery root?


130. What is the vegetable hollow heart more commonly known as in English?

Chinese Water Spinach

131. What is another name for fresh coriander?


132. Which South American vegetable is also known as New Zealand yams?


133. What is the common name for the highly sought after and rare mycorrhizal mushroom that grows in Asia, Europe, and North America, and is prized in asian cuisine for its distinct spicy-aromatic odor?

Matsutake Mushrooms

134. What is the name of this Mexican cooking staple ingredient, which is usually the size of a small apricot, is light green in color, and commonly used in salsa?


135. What is the name of this big knobby tubular shaped root vegetable of the sunflower plant family, that slightly resembles ginger, and is comparable to potatoes in taste?


136. How many rows are there usually on an ear of corn?


137. Which type of sea vegetable grows in rocky and marshy areas near saltwater sources, has vibrant green stalks, and is similar to baby asparagus, but with a distinctively crisp and salty taste?


138. Which vegetable is known as the “oyster plant” due to when being cooked, tastes mildly similar to an oyster, but resembles a brown stick?


139. What is the more common name of the Kiwano, which is in the cucumber and melon family, has orange spiny skin, and a lime green jelly-like flesh?

The Horned Melon

140. Which type of vegetable, also known as Roman cauliflower, is a yellow green color, and is compared to cauliflower, but with a firmer texture and a delicate nutty flavor?

Romanesco Broccoli

141. Which vegetable is also known as the German Turnip, with a taste and texture that is similar to that of a broccoli stem or cabbage heart, but milder and sweeter?


142. Which globe-shaped root vegetable has a papery golden-brown skin and a starchy white interior, a juicy and crunchy flesh, with a taste that is like a cross between a potato and pear, and is comparable to a water chestnut?


143. What is another name for the Bottle Gourd?

Calabash, White-flowered Gourd, Long Melon, New Guinea Bean and Tasmania Bean

144. What is the common name of the asparagus bean?

A Yardlong

145. Which vegetables are the furled fronds of a young fern, and harvested early for use as a vegetable?


146. What was the first vegetable planted in space?

A Potato

147. What it is an alternative name for the kind of vegetable that is used to make the natural loofah?

Silk Squash or Chinese Okra

148. Which bulb vegetable is commonly called the wild leek?


149. Which vegetable is also known as white radish, winter radish, or Oriental radish?


150. Which vegetable looks like red cabbage, but is actually a type of seaweed that is attached to rocks as it grows, is fried or used fresh in a range of foods, and has a salty taste that complements many dishes?


151. What are rapini also known as?

Broccoli Rabe

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