14 Trivia Night Leagues To Play In Your Next Trivia Night

If you are an avid trivia player, you may at some point want to join a trivia league. With so many options available, joining leagues you can play anywhere has become a great option to play trivia and even win real prizes while having fun.

After searching for all the trivia leagues available online, I decided to put together a list of all the available trivia games available for you to play from the comfort of your home. You can join any of these leagues and the games through this post. Read on to learn more about trivia leagues you can join and play from anywhere.

1. OpinioNation

Sporcle OpinioNation is a great game for everyone. It is a survey-based game where teams try to guess the most popular answers to survey questions. It’s not about being the smartest, it is about what you can come up with under pressure.

To play the game, four questions are answered for four quarters, and for each question answered correctly, you’ll earn 5 points if your team guesses the most popular answer, 4 points for the second most popular answer, and so on. At the end of the 3rd quarter, there will be a bonus question for extra points. On the final questions, guessing the most popular answer earns you 10 points, but guess correctly because, in this round, you can lose points for the most unpopular answer.

2. Stump Trivia Quiz

Sporcle Stump Trivia Quiz is a multiple rounds wagered trivia game with questions, pictures, bonus questions, and challenging final questions. You will receive your question categories at the start of each quarter. At the beginning of each quarter, you will wager points based on the confidence you have in your team’s answer.

Different rounds incorporate different kinds of questions including picture rounds, bonus rounds, halftime questions, and final questions, so be sure to follow the host’s instructions during the game. You submit answers based on provided clues. The quicker you answer, the more points you will get. For the final question, you wager the most points, and whoever ends the game with more will the winner.

3. Sporcle Virtual Live Trivia

Sporcle Virtual Live Trivia is pub-style trivia from your home. They use Zoom for hosting the game and an actual host to run the game and provide the questions. Bring your friends, family, or coworkers, and sign up for a live game.

Play a live game show trivia-style game with friends with breakout rooms to discuss answers before submitting. The video chatting makes the game feel more exciting and enjoyable. Play along as a host reads you questions for you and your teams to play together and answer.

4. Sporcle Party on Twitch

Sporcle Party on Twitch is a nonstop trivia stream for you to enjoy through your computer or phone. You can participate in the chatroom and play the games as they are guided by your hosts. There is a nice variety of topics and different games for you to play.

You can join the game by signing up through twitch. You can follow the channel and participate in the trivia game.

5. Trivia Mafia On Twitch

Trivia Mafia On Twitch is a trivia stream with video content you can join live or watch if you subscribe to their channel. Sign up for the twitch app to join. You can watch their trivia videos and play their chat games subscribing to their videos.

Play the game and join the trivia live stream through the Trivia Mafia Twitch channel.

6. Trivia Mafia Virtual Trivia

Trivia Mafia Virtual Trivia has a calendar of virtual event trivia you can join. These are mostly video call games using chat tools like zoom, but they are organized games with different rules and ways to participate.

Check out the Trivia Mafia virtual calendar to find an organized virtual trivia game you can join.

7. Geeks Who Drink Twitch

Geeks Who Drink Twitch is a channel that plays the Geeks Who Drink weekly pub trivia game. Follow them on twitch to play regularly. This twitch channel offers pub-style trivia and a library of video trivia for you to watch.

If you are looking for pub-style video trivia, check out Geeks Who Drink on Twitch. You can play in their weekly game, check out their library, or participate in chats about the channel.

8. Geeks Who Drink YouTube

The Geeks Who Drink YouTube channel features video trivia from their weekly events and trivia games for you to watch and play along through the channel.

If you enjoy watching trivia, subscribe to the Gees Who Drink YouTube channel to see video trivia games. Learn how to participate in their games.

9. Geeks Who Drink Virtual Team-Based Trivia

Geeks Who Drink Virtual Team-Based Trivia is a calendar of their upcoming trivia games for you to enter and win cash prizes. Pay a fee to join some games and enter to win prizes. The more games you play, the more chances you have at winning.

There are a variety of themes for the games, with new games coming up regularly. Create your team and join one for a fun night of pub style trivia.

10. King Trivia Online Twitch

King Trivia Twitch Online subscribe to their channel and watch their weekly trivia videos. You can check out their calendar on their channel and see when the next weekly trivia broadcast will be available for you to participate in.

Participate in their stream chats, watch live broadcasts, exclusive video content, and play weekly trivia on the King Trivia Twitch Online channel.

11. Learned League

Learned League is an exclusive invitation-only online trivia league with contests to play in. In order to be part of this league, you have to be invited to join by a proven player. The games are head to head, you play 25 games per season, to win and advance up the standings.

There are 6 questions, players assign 9 points as values to their opponent’s answers to defend values based on the likelihood of the opponent’s knowledge of that question. The league is free to join for your rookie season but from then on, there are yearly dues to must pay to maintain membership.

12. NYC Trivia League Virtual Trivia

NYC Trivia League Virtual Trivia is on its third season of online trivia with virtual quiz nights four days a week on Instagram Live! Each game has a digital answer sheet for you to provide your answers. The quizzes last about 50 minutes and are designed so that you and your team can discuss the answers before you submit them during the live game.

You can play up to four times each week. You are ranked based on your performance against other team scores. This is a free service and there are no prizes for winning, but you can compete for the highest rank on the leaderboard.

13. Uptown Pub Quiz

Uptown Pub Quiz is a weekly pub quiz-style game streamed and played directly on Facebook. Like the page and join their weekly games to participate in competitive trivia and win prizes.

If you are looking to play NY style pub trivia, you should try Uptown Pub Quiz by following the page on Facebook and playing the games so you can win prizes.

14. Eventbrite Virtual Trivia Events

Eventbrite Virtual Trivia Events allows you to find a variety of coordinated virtual trivia game nights to participate in regularly. You can do a search directly on the site and set filters to find the kind of game you want to play.

Using the filters, you can set options for free games, and pay to play games, some with valuable prizes. Use Eventbrite to find virtual trivia games so you can create your team and play the game with friends and family.

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