125 Video Game Trivia Questions and Answers

If you enjoy video games, these 125 video game trivia questions and answers will provide you with hours of entertainment and fun while learning about video games and the history of the industry. It is an interesting topic with a lot of history and cool information.


125 Video Game Trivia Questions and Answers

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These video game trivia, questions and answers are perfect to test yourself, or to use as content for your next trivia night.

125 Video Game Trivia Questions

1. What is the title of one of the first video games ever developed by American physicist William Higinbotham, who designed the game in 1958 for display at the Brookhaven National Laboratory’s annual public exhibition?

Tennis for Two

2. What was the title of the first commercially available arcade video game?

Computer Space

3. What was the first known video game to be played at multiple computer installations?


4. What was the first commercial home video game console?

Magnavox Odyssey

5. In what year was Atari Inc. founded?


6. What was Atari’s first arcade game that they launched with?


7. Before being sold to Magnavox and branded as the Odyssey, what was the prototype system created by Ralph H. Baer called initially?

“Brown Box”

8. What was the Atari 2600 branded as originally?

The Atari VCS or the Atari Video Computer System

9. Which game is considered the first fixed shooter and set the temples for the shoot ’em up genre in video games?

Space Invaders

10. What company developed and released Pac Man for the arcades in 1980?


11. When Nintendo first launched in 1889, what were they creating and selling?

Playing Cards

12. What was Sega’s first coin operated game called?


13. What was the Nintendo Entertainment System known as in Japan?

The Famicom

14. What was then name of the original Master System before is was remodeled and rebranded for US Sales?

The Sega Mark III

15. What was the original internal code name for the Game Boy at Nintendo?

Dot Matrix Game

16. What peripheral were SONY and Nintendo planning on releasing for the Super NES before it was canceled?


17. What did SONY end up creating as a result of their ended relationship with Nintendo?

The SONY Playstation

18. What was the first online video game connected to ARPANET?

MUD or Multiuser Dungeon

19. What was the first video game console to be offered by an American company since Atari?


20. What was the first Nintendo console to support internet connectivity?

The Famicom

21. What was the first mobile phone game?


22. In what year did Apple launch the App Store?


23. What game did the computer Bertie the Brain play against you, in what is considered to be, one of the earliest video games?


24. What game was the early computer Nimrod custom-built to play?


25. What was the name of the first workable prototype of the Internet that came in the late 1960s?


26. What game did Magnavox sue Atari for stealing?


27. What was the first video game console to use ROM cartridges?

The Fairchild Channel F

28. What other video game console games did expansion module #1 allow the ColecoVision to play?


29. Which Atari game is considered to be the first action-adventure video game?


30. What game for the Intellivision is the first city-building game and considered one of the first real-time strategy games?


31. Who was the first independent, third-party, console video game developer?


32. What game did a team of MIT students develop, and later would go on to form Infocom to publish the title commercially in 1980?


33. What was the first handheld game console that used interchangeable cartridges?

Milton Bradley Microvision

34. Before Nintendo created the Game Boy, what other single game handheld video game device was Nintendo making?

The Game and Watch

35. What American toy manufacturer was famous in the 90s for their LCD handheld video games?

Tiger Electronics

36. Who did Warner Communications sell Atari to in 1984?

Jack Tramiel

37. What was the Nintendo Entertainment System called in Japan?


38. Who built the BBC Micro computers in the 1980s?

The Acorn Computer Company

39. What is the highest selling single computer model of all time?

The Commodore 64

40. In what year did Don Rawitsch create the educational game The Oregon Trail?


41. In what year was the first SimCity game by Maxis released?


42. What American video game company was launched by former Apple employee Trip Hawkins in 1982?

Electronic Arts

43. What were the computer servers running software that allowed users to connect to the system using a terminal program, had a crude plain-text interface, and were sometimes used for online gaming in the 80s called?

Bulletin Board System or BBS

44. Which home video game console was Sega’s first entry into the home video game market?

The Sega SG 1000

45. What did the acronym R.O.B. for the Nintendo Entertainment System mean?

Robotic Operating Buddy

46. What was Nintendo’s official print magazine which debuted in 1988?

Nintendo Power Magazine

47. What was the Sega Mark III rebranded to be sold as in North America?

Sega Master System

48. What was the name of the arcade predecessor to the Super Mario Bros series?

Mario Bros

49. In what land does the The Legend of Zelda take place?


50. In the first Metroid, what planet does Samus fight alien monsters on?


51. In what year was the first Final Fantasy video game released on the NES?


52. What is Mega Man known as in Japan?


53. Whose castle does Castlevania take place in?

Count Dracula

54. On what platform was the first Metal Gear video game released on?

MSX Home Computers

55. What is the TurboGrafx-16 known as outside of North America?

The PC Engine

56. What is the Sega Genesis known as outside of North America?

The Mega Drive

57. What video game character did Sega create to compete with Nintendo’s mascot Mario?

Sonic the Hedgehog

58. What is the best selling home console to date?

The PlayStation 2

59. Which video game company made the Sega Genesis games with the taller cartridges and the yellow tabs on the side?

Electronic Arts

60. What game company created the Neo-Geo video game console in 1990?

SNK Corporation

61. What does MMO stand for?

Massively Multiplayer Online 

62. What was established in 1994 following the release of Mortal Kombat, Night Trap, and Doom?

The ESRB or Entertainment Software Rating Board

63. In the laserdisc video game Dragon’s Lair who is trying to save Princess Daphne from the dragon Singe?

Dirk the Daring

64. What company released the Laserdisc video console the LaserActive?


65. What was the name of the character that was used in the TurboDuo marketing campaign?

Johnny Turbo

66. What was the first computer game distributed on CD-ROM?

The Manhole

67. What kind of chip did Star Fox use to create the first accelerated 3D gaming experience on a home console?

The Super FX Chip

68. What is considered to be the original first person shooter?

Wolfenstein 3D

69. What was the first 3D game ever?


70. Which iconic fighting game launched the Evolution Championship Series?

Street Fighter II Turbo

71. What was the predecessor game to NBA Jam?

Arch Rivals

72. What game is widely recognized as the first 3D fighting game?

Virtua Fighter

73. When was Dance Dance Revolution released in North America?


74. What console was Tetris originally created for?

The Electronika 60

75. What was the name of the portable Sega Genesis home video console?

The Genesis Nomad

76. What was the first handheld electronic game with a color LCD?

The Atari Lynx

77. What is the name of Nintendo’s 32-bit handheld video game system?

The Game Boy Advance

78. Which Nintendo property is the highest grossing media franchise of all time?


79. What video game development company created Doom?

id Software

80. What game did Japanese NES game Sweet Home go on to inspire?

Resident Evil

81. What 32-bit console was canceled by Atari in favor of the Jaguar?

The Panther

82. What company ended up manufacturing the 3DO Interactive Player initially?


83. What was the name of the Sega 32 bit CD based console released in North America in 1995?

The Sega Saturn

84. What was the last console to use cartridges prior to the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo 64

85. What was the first true rhythm video game ever created?

PaRappa the Rapper

86. How many copies of GoldenEye 007 were sold for the Nintendo 64?

Eight Million Copies

87. What was the first home console with built-in internet connection?

The Apple Pippin

88. What was the first video game console to use the DVD format?

Sony PlayStation 2

89. What was the first Nintendo console to use optical discs for the games rather than cartridges?

The GameCube

90. What was the first Grand Theft Auto game to use 3D graphics?

Grand Theft Auto III

91. Which Halo game in the series takes place between Halo 2 and Halo 3?

Halo 3: ODST

92. What was the name of the second Xbox video game console created by Microsoft?

Xbox 360

93. What was the first video game console to use Blu-ray Disc as its primary storage medium?

PlayStation 3

94. In what year did Microsoft launch Xbox Live?


95. What video game streaming service did Sony buy in 2012?


96. What is the name of the motion sensing peripheral for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One?

The Kinect

97. What is the name of the motion game controller for PS3 and PS4?

The PlayStation Move

98. What game is claimed by Activision to be the first single video game title to exceed $1 billion in sales?

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

99. What title did Harmonix conceive after development of Guitar Hero was shifted to Neversoft?


100. What does the “DS” in Nintendo DS mean?

Dual Screen or Developers’ System

101. What was the first handheld console to use an optical disc format?


102. What is the most popular MMORPG of all time?

World of Warcraft

103. Who is the avatar Anshe Chung in the online world Second Life, having an in game business worth over a million dollars?

Ailin Graef

104. Before mobile games, what kind of browser games were being predominantly played on the internet?

Flash Games

105. Before being named Bejeweled, what was the title of this web based game called originally?

Diamond Mine

106. Which game did Zynga release on Facebook in 2009, reaching 10 million daily active users within six weeks?


107. Which phone company preloaded snake into its mobile phones and created the resurgence in the game?


108. What does “Tamagotchi” mean in Japanese?

Egg Watch

109. What was the name of the smartphone that combined a mobile phone and handheld game system created by Nokia in 2003?

The N-Gage

110. What was the name of the first App Store?

The Electronic AppWrapper

111. When was Apple IOS introduced for public use?


112. What is the most widely installed mobile operating system?


113. What is the most downloaded freemium game series of all time?

Angry Birds

114. What was the first Xbox game console to be released in China?

Xbox One

115. What is the second best selling video game console of all time?

The PS4 or the PlayStation 4

116. What was the first Nintendo console to support HD graphics?

The Wii U

117. Which Nintendo console is essentially a tablet?

The Nintendo Switch

118. What is the best selling Nintendo handheld console?

The Nintendo DS

119. What is the name of the Nintendo Switch that does not allow the player to detach the controllers from the screen?

The Nintendo Switch Lite

120. What was the first game to allow cross platform gaming?

Final Fantasy XI

121. What game features a battle royale and hosts up to 100 players who fight to be the last competitor by the end of the match?


122. What was the first major cloud gaming service?


123. What is the name of the currency used in Second Life?

The Linden Dollar

124. What is the name of what is widely considered to be the first augmented reality head-mounted display system?

The Sword of Damocles

125. In 3D computer graphics, what is the name of the rendering technique for generating an image by tracing the path of light as pixels in an image plane and simulating the effects of its encounters with virtual objects?


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